Brickell Mens Products FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Brickell Mens Products:

I'm interested in Brickell products, but would like to know if you offer samples?

We sure do.  Just let us know via the contact page and we can organise for samples to be posted out all you have to pay is the cost of shipping.  You will receive several samples and when you sign up to our newsletter, you will receive 10% off your first purchase!

Are Brickell Mens Products really all natural? 

Yes. The Brickell range of skincare products are made of  all natural, with high amounts of organic ingredients when possible. 

Are Brickell Mens Products tested on animals? 

Definitely not.

Sometimes a product will change colors, is that normal?

Yes. It is normal, this is due to using natural stabilizers and thickeners in the Brickell product, for products to change in color depending on temperature. Often a product can go from clear to white or vice verse in order to maintain efficacy. For example, a product will shift to clear in cooler temperatures and white in warmer temperatures.

My Brickell product has separated, is that normal?

Yes, it is completely normal for there to be a slight separation, this is due to changes in temperature and does not effect the efficacy of the product.  Some natural ingredients have a higher threshold and may separate since there are no artificial binding agents in the Brickell products. Simply put the product in your fridge for a few hours, take it out and stir. This will bring the product back together. Even if it does not come back together 100%, it does not affect the efficacy.

Does all this stuff really work? 

Well we didn't believe it did at first either. And then we started using it ourselves and seeing results. Once you start incorporating our products into your daily bathroom and grooming routines, we guarantee you'll start seeing results.

Still have questions?

Just contact us via our contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours or less.