Why You Should Wash Your Face (At Least Once a Day)

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If you want healthy, blemish free and young-looking skin, skipping a proper cleanse isn’t an option. Pureman explains how to keep it simple.

You may wonder why you need to wash your face - period. Maybe you’re not one for breakouts. Perhaps you don’t see any literal dirt on your face day-to-day so it seems like a pointless venture and a waste of time. We’re telling you now, that’s not the case, Mate. So go grab a simple cleanser, maybe the gentle and effective Gentleman’s Brand Co. Face Wash, and read on.

Washing your face removes unwanted dirt and oil as well as other gross bacteria, debris and pollutants that we collect throughout the day. Without a proper wash, these pollutants sit and seep into your skin, causing dullness, irritation, breakouts, and premature aging. We’re the first to admit that every face has a different story, but for the majority of us, a cleanse to clear the day away is needed.

If you sweat at night or hit the gym first thing, an additional morning cleanse would be smart, however, a cleanse at night is non negotiable and here’s why: Our skin cells regenerate and renew in it’s most complete way at night. HGH (the Human Growth Hormone) accelerates your skin repair and regeneration the most between 11pm and 4am. So don’t skimp on cleansing your skin; leave it clean and in prime condition to do it’s thing through the night for healthy, refreshed skin the next day. If you’re extra keen, night is also a great time to apply a repairing night serum or retinoid like The Ordinary offers, in order to amp up the regeneration and take advantage of its benefits.

So splash some water on your face, work the cleanser into your skin with gentle, circular motions and rinse. Easy as that. Your face will thank you for it.

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