Where to Eat and Play Like a Local in Byron Bay: Part 1

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If you want a taste of heaven, look no further
than Byron Bay. Pureman dishes on the best
bites and sights in this idyllic coastal town.
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Byron Bay, New South Wales is a little bit of heaven on earth. With its stunning beaches, awesome surf and fabulous shops, restaurants and escapes, it’s no wonder the little coastal town has become such a popular holiday destination. Check out part one below for some of the best eats in town.

Railway Friendly Bar (The Rails, for those in the know) is a Byron Bay icon and is the spot to go if you enjoy live music and a chill vibe. It’s also the only pub in Australia to have featured live music seven nights a week - for over 30 years. Good, casual eats (we’re talking plastic cutlery) with lots of outdoor seating to round out your evening.

Top Shop is popular with locals and visitors alike. Don't miss this little gem if you're keen for good coffee and a tasty brekkie. Super laid back and starts to get busy by the time the sun is up. Pull up some grass out front like the locals if there is no seating available.

Beach Hotel sits, you guessed it, along the beach, and is home to Byron Bay’s most famous pub. Live music, awesome pub eats and a terrific view. A trendy spot for those who like the hip beach vibe.

100 Mile Table is stashed away in Byron’s Arts and Industrial Estate. It specializes in catering and awesome craft pop-up dining. The long dining table in the centre of this warehouse style space gives it a really community - industrial feel. Fabulous food and service and a really social experience. And, as the name suggests, all the produce is sourced within a 100 miles.

Are you hungry yet? Feeling social? Maybe want to rub elbows with Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon? (Byron is their stomping ground, after all…) Start planning your escape. Byron Bay must not be missed. And if this hasn’t swayed you, check out our next post on what to do in Byron Bay. We can’t wait to hit the road!

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