Weather Proof Grooming

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Don’t let the weather get you down. Be it rain or shine,
let Pureman help you weather proof your grooming routine.

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We’ve all been there. You have just completed the last sweep of your well coiffed hair, slapped on some aftershave, straightened your collar, slipped on your stylish new jacket and are heading out the door. Your hair immediately begins to misbehave. Or you jump out into the crisp air and your skin suddenly starts to feel tight and dry. Whatever the grooming mishap, Pureman can help keep you weather proof with some of these tips and products.

Unruly Hair

Whether the heat and humidity has your hair frizzing in an unflattering way, or you just can’t keep that suave style in place, run your hands through your hair with a dollop of these products to help battle the heat, humidity and even the rain.

Brickell Flexible Hold Pomade Wax: Use this wax to style, polish and control frizz. Brickell’s pomade also conditions and encourages hair growth, and you can use it on your beard. Come rain or shine, Brickell has you covered.

Baxter of California Cream Pomade: Excellent for all hair types, especially wavy and curly. This pomade is lightweight and moisture rich, it’s natural ingredients help to soften and smooth the hair and keep the frizz in check. You can apply the product to dry, damp or wet hair.

Dry Skin

With cool weather comes drier and more dehydrated skin. Don’t let the cool weather suck out the moisture and style from your day. Massage these products gently into your skin and immediately feel the difference.

Gentleman’s Brand Co. Face Serum: Organic aloe vera hydrates and repairs while other natural ingredients restore, retain moisture and help rejuvenate your skin to keep that youthful appearance. Use it as a pre-moisture boost under your daily moisturiser on colder days, or as a daily serum when the weather isn’t as cool.

Hunter Lab Face Fuel: Nutrient rich, this face fuel smooths, intensely hydrates and helps to balance your natural PH balance to stabilize dull, stressed skin.

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