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Pureman had a promo this past week on Marvis toothpaste. We are seriously impressed with how our Puremen are taking their oral care seriously (and stylishly). Using something like the Marvis brand we carry makes your teeth brushing regime more than that – it’s part of the ritual of self-care that is so important to being self-confident. You rock that confident smile, and you might find yourself in a surprise “up close & personal” situation, if yaknowhatImean. So, let’s run through the nitty-gritty of what will make your game strongest in these situations. There’s a full sensory experience that might happen when you find yourself getting closer to the one you want to get close to.


So important. Hands down and up, it does not matter how good you look, how much confidence you’re putting out there, how impressive your stories are, how funny you are, how successful you are – if you stink, you stink. And that’s all that the “object of your affection” will notice when you approach. We ask you to consider the following.

  • Check your pits

Quick daytime workouts are happening everywhere right now. Whether you’re going for a post-work jog, do physical labour, or are lucky enough to sneak a surf session in here and there, did you refresh your underarms afterwards? Let’s hope so. If you have B.O., your potential make-out partner might also B.O. (back out, that is). So, hands up, then put this product under your arms. The Baxter of California deodorant is both alcohol and aluminum free. And guess what? GQ loves it too (it’s an award winner!). Keep this product with you in your gym bag, in your car, or in a drawer for touch-ups that will absolutely leave you smelling dreamy post sweat-sesh.

Baxter of California Deodorant

  • Do you smell like the cologne counter exploded on you?

Adding scents or cologne to your life is a delicate balance. Too much, too little, too earthy, too strong, too ANYTHING and you run the risk of having the one you’re getting close to wondering “What IS that?” or “How long has he been wearing this scent? Like since high school or was this a recent choice?”, or even worse, they experience the dreaded cologne-sneeze. Keep this little Fulton & Roark gem in your pocket, and you’ll avoid all of these disasters. Why specifically this product? Firstly, it actually is discrete enough to keep in your pocket. You never know when you want to smell your best - these situations creep up sometimes. Bonus: this one is also travel-size approved! Keep one in your travel bag, and in your gym bag (the product comes in a range of scents – we just happen to love the muskiness of the Tybee).  

Fulton and Roark Solid Cologne


We mentioned above the toothpaste we love; obviously Marvis. (If you haven’t yet, check it out. It’s a staple in the fashionable gentleman’s personal care kit – and it comes in a range of flavours). You want your breath to smell amazing, and to feel clean when your mouth gets close to someone else’s. No one wants to be worrying about garlic or fish breath when they go in for a kiss. Also, a shout out to our dentist friends: guys, make sure flossing is part of your day-to-day mouth and gum care. Mouth cleanliness is next to godliness.

Marvis Toothpaste Aquatic Mint


A bristly face is a tricky one to deal with. Your overdue shave could leave your make-out partner with make-out burn on their face. Be mindful of this, gents. And if you’ve chosen to keep some well-groomed facial hair as part of your look (swoon), keep it well groomed. Use a beard oil. Please use a beard oil.

Captain Fawcetts Beard Oil

And the finisher? A quality lip product in your pocket. We’ve recommended it before, but the mojito- mint Baxter of California lip balm is a dreamy one. Supple lips that taste minty? Yes please, every time.


Overall, sounds good, doesn’t it? We all want someone to get close to, or to let the one we are with know that they still deserve our best selves. And you don’t want to seem like you’re being blasé about it. Speak eloquently, dress elegantly, and be your best self for you and for your future/current kissing partner.

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