Spring Skincare Essentials – Looking and feeling fresh this season

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While most of us have made the obvious changes (cleaning our homes or switching out our wardrobes for lighter fashions), consider this: starting new with your skincare regime. We swear you’ll feel better for it - self-care is always a great idea.

Out with the Old, in with the New

It’s time. Get rid of all of those old, expired products that you didn’t like, didn’t use, or forgot about that are now past their prime. Just do it. It’ll take 5 minutes. Pending this overhaul, we suggest the following steps to healthy and fresh skin (Bonus: our product suggestions are great for all skin types and are light enough to continue using into summer). Read below.

Step 1 - Start Fresh

Consider exfoliating. It’s time for a fresh palette. Exfoliating is the process of removing your oldest skin cells to reveal the glowy and new skin waiting underneath. It can be done either mechanically (like a product that’s a bit gritty that actually buffs dead skin cells away) or chemically. This sounds overwhelming but it’s not. Literally it means introducing one product into your regime, once a week. We recommend the following scrub – it does the job, isn’t too harsh, and smells so good.

Step 2 - Cleanse

Obviously this is an everyday thing. You might have something you’ve been using for years, are a seasoned skin care guru, or perhaps find the number of products out there to be difficult to navigate. Let us help. This Brickell face wash is incredible. It’s coconut-based so not over drying, has aloe vera in it which will help renew your skin, and also geranium: a natural antiseptic that doesn’t smell like an antiseptic. This is a great everyday cleanser that is getting top reviews by its users.

Step 3 - Moisturize

You knew this word would come up. Serum. Typically, these are lighter and thinner than conventional moisturizers. They can certainly be used in combination with a moisturizer if your skin needs extra hydration, but in spring, again we can lighten things up a bit. The one we recommend below can be used as a standalone product used daily after cleansing. Since again this product has an aloe vera juice base, it’s going to continue to promote hydration and repair. It also boasts calendula extract which will assist in the rejuvenation of your skin.

Step 4 - Protect

It must be done. We all know sun protection is vital. Want a product that doesn’t make your eyes burn and make your lips taste like chemicals? Me too. So try these! The face balm is also great to use post- shaving to help prevent ingrown hairs. And the lip balm tastes like the mint mojitos you’ll probably be drinking on the patio this season.

In general, keep this in mind: Spring is a time of rejuvenation – we all want to feel like we’re moving forward and growing. Our suggested steps are essential to skincare, but we’d also like to remind you that whatever it is you’ve been neglecting (Taking your vitamins? Returning your library books? Probably exfoliating?) that now is the time to make those changes.

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