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It’s the ultimate question when it comes to male grooming: to take to your whiskers with  shaving soap or shaving cream?

But our Pureman guide to choosing the right product for you is sure to take the guess work out of the ultimate shave at home, when you are on the road travelling for work or pleasure or for when life just gets too busy to come in and see us.

Ultimately, they all perform the same function; that is to prevent stubble from drying out and to provide a kind of cushion between a razor and your skin during the shaving process.

Shaving cream products are usually combined with glycerine for a more slippery or more lubricated shave that helps to give your skin better coverage, thereby preventing it from drying out as well as keeping it moisturized. The added convenience of a “wet” product allows you to quickly get that shave either with a brush or by using your hand.

The primary advantage of traditional-style shaving soaps over shaving creams is their ability to provide superior hydration for the hair follicles in the face that ultimately gives you a better shave, but require a brush and takes a little longer to get you face ready for the blade. Not that this is a bad thing.

As an added bonus, traditional shaving soaps are extremely easy to travel with as there are no restrictions on carrying hard soaps with you in cabin luggage on flights.

Pureman have a wide range of shaving soaps, gels and creams on offer and they can give you advice on the best option for your skin, shaving preference and lifestyle.

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