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Since Movember launched in 2003 right here in Oz, the worldwide men’s healthcare movement has managed to raise in excess of $560-million across the globe, and funded thousands of projects that shed light on prostate and testicular cancer.

So if you’re participating this year by growing your mo’ for a good cause, you might want to take notes on what you can expect from your growing ‘stache:

WEEK 1: Slow Grow:

What to expect: The objective of Movember is to grow your moustache for the whole month, starting with a clean slate. In this first week, your ‘stache will start forming, first as prickly stubble. Even though it’s early days, most guys are already tempted to throw in the towel at this first phase, as facial hair growth can be itchy and irritable, with little visible returns.

Best advice: The reason your face feels itchy is because of dry skin underneath your growing moustache. As your sharp hairs pierce through the skin, many men experience ‘stache itch. Help prepare your skin for hair growth by applying a thick layer of the  Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil (100ml) before shaving. And remember to keep moisturised with a regular use of a hydrating product like  Hunter Lab’s Face Fuel that will soothe itching.

WEEK 2: Let it go, let it grow

What to expect: Finally, you have something to show for your persistence! At this point, you should start seeing some decent growth. And yes, for many the itchiness continues as hairs break through the skin’s surface, but the end is in sight, so stay the course.

Best advice: Soften course facial hairs by applying a small drop of  Proraso Beard Oil (80ml) – it will nourish your growing ‘stache and make it more manageable to style in the coming weeks. Also, give your moustache a good scrub while you’re washing your face. Think of this new facial hair like the hair on your head – it needs regular cleansing!

WEEK 3: Patched and Pieces

What to expect: Unless you’re one of the lucky few guys whose mo’ grows evenly, you’ll start noticing some patches and missing pieces in your facial hair. But again, this is no reason to give up on your growth goals – after all, you’ve already come this far.

Best advice: If you’re moustache is looking patchy, there are two short-term solutions you can attempt. Firstly, your mo’ hairs are growing in all different directions, which can give the appearance of missing pieces. Comb your moustache in a single direction using the  Kent Beard and Moustache Comb (73mm). Secondly, trimming can help even out patchy growth, so grab the scissors or make an appointment with your barber at this stage.

WEEK 4: Groomed to go

What to expect: By now, you should have a full moustache worth bragging about. You can finally be proud of your progress! In this final week, it’s all about basking in the glory of your new ‘stache by grooming and styling.

Best advice: Styling products are your new best friends when you’re in these final few days. Comb or brush your moustache (we recommend the  Redecker Beard Brush for courser, fuller mo’s), and style by working a small amount of  Captain Fawcett’s Lavender Moustache Wax (15ml) between two fingers before applying for some hold.

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