Light Coats and Trenches for an Australian Winter

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Everyone knows that Australian summer is more than fabulous, but do you really know anything about our winter? If you’re not quite sure what it looks like, the first thing you should know is that it’s mild – it’s never too freezing in Australia. However, you will definitely need a light coat or trench, so stay with us if you want to know what to choose. Here are six possible picks you won’t go wrong with.

A flannel shirt jacket is always a good idea
When it comes to winter in Australia, it certainly gets cold – but we can all agree that 10 degrees Celsius is not extreme at all. That’s exactly why a flannel shirt jacket may do the trick for you. Everyone knows that regular flannel shirts are much thicker and softer than ordinary button-downs, which is exactly why these are one of the best choices for winter. Match them with quality canvas belts and a pair of waterproof shoes, and you’re good to go!

You can’t go wrong with a nice wool overcoat

On the other hand, if you’re up for something classier and a bit more formal, a nice wool overcoat may be the right piece for you. This clothing item is probably the best option if your job requires suiting up from time to time, simply because it’s so classy and elegant. If you love wearing suits and ties, a wool overcoat will definitely be your cup of tea!

A weather-ready parka is an absolute must
If you’re a fan of sporty outfits, you may want to consider getting a parka for an upcoming winter. This jacket will keep you warm all day long, and you don’t have to worry about being trendy either – this piece will never go out of style. Basically, it’s a fashion staple you simply have to have in your wardrobe as soon as winter kicks in. It’s so popular among men because it can be worn with all kinds of shoes, from sneakers to a bit more formal footwear. That’s what makes it so versatile!

A leather jacket adds a touch of edge

A leather jacket is a timeless classic every man needs to own, so make sure to get one as soon as possible! Such piece will undoubtedly add a touch of edge to any outfit, but you need to know that searching for a perfect one may take a lot of time. However, it’s totally worth it, and you’ll realise that as soon as you find it. The best thing about the leather jacket is the fact that you can pair it with anything you want – from classic watches and trendy ties to casual T-shirts and formal button-downs!

A puffer vest? Why not!
Last but not least, there’s a puffer vest which is one of the best picks if you’re into layering. This clothing item is more than enough if it’s not too cold out there, and you can always wear it layered over a sweater or a flannel shirt. Trust us, you won’t freeze under any circumstances! Of course, you can also layer it under a heavier coat if it’s really cold outside. Even though this is a sporty item, you can match it with some must have men’s accessories and transform the whole look into a more polished one. 

Don’t forget a stylish trench coat

When we say trench, what’s the first thing to cross your mind? If you’re thinking about Burberry, welcome to the club! A trench coat was popularised by this famous brand, and men from all over the globe seem to completely adore it. That shouldn’t be surprising simply because such a piece is so fashionable yet very versatile at the same time. If you want to keep it classy and elegant, make sure to match your trench with fantastic custom suits and a pair of good dress shoes, and you’re halfway there!

Each of these five items is genuinely amazing, which makes them more than appropriate for mild Australian winter. The best way to pull them off is to match them with items like trendy accessories, stylish shoes and ties, or quality custom suits. Once you do that, success is guaranteed!

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