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“A man’s accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail”. Wise words by the late John Foster Dulles, but meaningful years later. This applies everywhere – double checking emails for accuracy before sending, catching a sneaky clause in a contract, or detailing your car for example. They say men don’t notice “things” but I’d beg to differ - that’s a global statement that can’t possibly be accurate. So, when does this statement apply? I’ll tell you when - when it comes to the details of appearance. “He didn’t even notice my new X, Y, or Z, and not to mention L, M, N, O, P...” said most people throughout the history of time. It’s a lifelong challenge guys. Now I might not be able to help you fix all of those problems*, but what I can point out is the details that people WILL notice about your appearance. You might not think they’re important, but they are. Being well groomed only adds to you being a total package. Ok, so where to start. Let’s start from the bottom up.


Check them right now. Are they scuffed up? We all have beaten up shoes that we might wear for bumming around days, but in general, keep your shoes tidy. Shoe care not only makes you look sharper, but also makes your shoes last longer. Have a leather conditioner that you keep at home, and maybe one at work to give your leathers a little TLC once in awhile. Take a look at the soles of some of your shoes – are they looking worn? Consider having them professionally re-soled. Quality shoes are an investment. Take care of them.


Does your shirt look like it spent a little too much time sitting in the dryer before you rescued it? Unless you buy those anti-wrinkle or wrinkle-free garments, it’s quite possible. I definitely can’t iron like my Aunt Diane does, but I can do this: I can work a steamer. Personally, I have an upright one that sits in the corner of my living room, and in the morning while the coffee is percolating, I flick the steamer on, and give the outfit of the day (hereafter, “OOTD”) a once over. It literally takes minutes. Obviously options like dry cleaning, and getting your garments professionally pressed are options, but as a rule of thumb, just steam it.


This is so important. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do, people will notice your hands. Whether it be in a transaction, or in an interview, they WILL notice if you have jagged nails with crud underneath them. Do yourself a favour and get a grooming kit – give your nails a quick file, scrape the earth out from under them, and moisturize. A man with attractive hands is going to be described as a man with attractive hands.


I kid you not, I was in a meeting with a guy the other day who had one extra-long eyebrow hair that looked like it was confused with its direction and meaning in life. Gents: pluck the stray hairs, and trim the long ones. This also applies to the ear and nose hairs. And remember this: you’re meant to have two eyebrows. Take the time in the morning to do a once over to make sure you’re looking tidy. Believe me, those extra-long hairs can pop up overnight.


As a grown man, you should have a go-to grooming person just like you have a go-to financial advisor, mechanic, or barista. Once your style has been established, it’s up to you to maintain it until you see your “person” again. This means using the right hair products for you, shaving mindfully, and using quality products if you have facial hair. You don’t need to have a ton of stuff in your medicine cabinet, but you do need to use the right items for you. This is obviously where Pureman can help. Come in for a consultation and we can figure out your style and a few goods that will keep you looking sharp until we see you again. And if you’re not here in Brisbane, remember we have an online shop where we can hook you up with everything you might need.

Ultimately, it comes down to this. You might not think that people notice, but they do. Attention to detail demonstrates many things, but in particular, it demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration. It’s all about the little things sometimes, don’t you think?

*And as for some advice on how to navigate the “you don’t notice anything” problem: try this life hack: “Did you do something different with your hair today? It looks nice.” Even if the answer is no, you still come out on top. 

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