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Banish weak, bubbly or short-lived lather from your bathroom by following Pureman’s hard-and-fast rules for shaving using a traditional soap.

You cannot conjure up a great lather using shaving soap in a bowl, it has to be done on the face.

Begin this process by soaking your brush in hot or warm water, squeezing out the excess and using a circular motion to build up a good shaving lather on your face.

Keep revisiting the shaving soap block regularly, swirling your brush onto the surface, before reapplying to your face – one cheek at a time – again in a swirling, circular motion.

After your cheeks are covered you can then work the soap into your chin and neck area, employing the same circular motion to really massage the soap into the skin and to disperse it evenly through your stubble.

Don’t forget to add water to your brush as you go – don’t make it too wet so that it runs off but keep your brush lubricated with enough water so that it doesn't become dry and prevents your razor from gliding smoothly across your skin.

Keep working it until the lather on your face ``explodes’’; with peaky white troughs like meringue that make it fly around the room and onto the mirror. You’ll know when it happens!

Now it’s time to shave your face using short, even strokes.

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