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If using a moisturising shaving cream is right up your alley, consider this a Pureman’s guide to getting the most from your chosen product and the best possible shave to boot.

While they can be applied using your hands, and even worked into a suitable lather this way, a brush provides the best coverage for a shaving cream and ultimately, working this product into the beard with a brush will result in a better result.

The best way to proceed with a great shave using a shaving cream is to soak your brush for a few minutes in warm or hot water, either while you are in the shower or while you wash your face in preparation for shaving.

Using a brush to build a lather with shaving cream with lift the stubble from the skin, making it easier to cut, and will also help make your product go further with every use, keeping costs down.

Meanwhile, wring out your brush, making sure it is free from excess water but not too dry. After picking up a small amount of cream, slowly swirl your brush into your beard, which has already been covered with shaving cream.

The lather will build in as little as 30 seconds but it will take at least a minute and a half of good circular massaging motion using the brush before the lather peaks on your face and is ready for you to shave with.

Make sure you do this right across your face, finishing on the throat, chin and neck. The best way to do this is using a circular motion, ending in an upward stroke.

Spread it evenly, make sure it completely covers your beard and don’t forget those hard to see and hard to reach places such as under the throat that might be hidden from view in the mirror.

Most shaving creams are combined with glycerine which helps to build a better foam on your face and which provides richer and more lubricated coverage for your beard ahead of shaving with a razor.

The chances of this product drying the sensitive skin on your face are reduced with the addition of glycerine, which also possesses moisturising properties that make it especially good for shaving particularly difficult-to-remove stubble.

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