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A good shaving brush should last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Looking after your brush will only take a few moments of your time but will ensure you get many years of great enjoyment out of your daily shave.

After you shave, never leave your brush unwashed, standing on its base or lying on its side.

Always rinse your brush clean with warm water and shake off the excess before using a shaving brush holder to store the brush with the bristles facing down. This allows the water to drain off and avoids curling the bristle. Most shaving brushes, natural or synthetic, are made by gluing a tight bunch of bristles into the handle and it is important not to store the brush bristles up, particularly when they are wet.

Never use very hot water or twist or pull the bristles as this will loosen the hairs, increase shedding and significantly shorten your shaving brush’s lifespan.

Most good brushes, with proper care will provide years of great service. Check out our selection of brush stands prices.

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