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In an ideal world the title of ‘groom’ is one that will be bestowed on any man but once. Apart from the occasional exception (I’m looking at you, Hollywood), your groomship will be a role constrained entirely to what should be the happiest day of your life. No pressure.

Lacking the recurrence that would allow you to form a dependable set of groom habits, your wedding day grooming routine needs to be well researched, planned and executed. You’ve got but one shot at looking your very finest; there are no mulligans when it comes to your big day. Again, no pressure.

So what methods and means does the well-groomed groom of today utilise in order to perform at his aesthetic peak?

1)Stay sun smart

Whether you live at the Northern tip of Cape York or in the southern reaches of Tasmania, the term ‘wedding season’ simply means the time of year in which it’s least likely to rain. It follows that there’s a high likelihood of the sun being out on your day of days, and a similarly high likelihood that an unprotected groom will get burnt. A corked wide-brim hat may negate even the most majestic of grooming efforts, so instead apply a moisturiser with a factor of SPF15 or above.

2)Apply a scent

The modern day groom has two choices when it comes to wedding day cologne. No, it’s not whether to wear it or not – a wedding day scent is a non-negotiable for today’s groom. The choice lies in whether to go with your signature scent, or to mark the special occasion with a similarly special fragrance.

The feelings of your bride should be taken into account. If she has a strong connection with your everyday cologne then it may be wise to bring that familiarity to the ceremony. But if she’s open to marking such a unique day with a unique fragrance, a fine cologne can add a sensory X-factor to the occasion.

3)Deal with strays

Depending on who you ask, it’s a fortunate or an unfortunate ability of men to grow hair in all manner of weird and wonderful places. Cheeks, eyebrowsnoses and ears can all develop fierce foliage if left unattended. Take the time to deal with strays, plucking them out in the days leading up to your nuptials.

4)Brighten your pearly whites

As surely as the sun rises in the morning, so too will your mouth be in a constant smile over the course of your wedding day. Your teeth will be front and centre, so it’s sage to prepare them appropriately for the outing.

Begin by using a whitening toothpaste in the 2-3 months leading up to the wedding. If you’re a smoker or an inhaler of red wine consider booking in to your dentist for a professional whitening session. On the day be sure to brush, floss (carefully – bleeding gums do not a well-groomed groom make) and make use of breath mints.

5)Suture the wound

The biggest of days will result in the biggest of nerves. The inadvisable combination of razor and jittery hand can have undesirable outcomes for your freshly dethatched face, so if the worst was to happen it’s important that you act fast. Apply a styptic pencil or alum block to any nicks and cuts that may occur in order to minimise the damage. Or, even better…

6)Leave it to a professional

Booking in a wetshave, a beard trim or a haircut with a professional will be one of the best investments a groom can make on his big day. An expert practitioner has the knowledge and skillset to get you looking nothing less than your absolute best for your wedding, and will ensure that no catastrophic grooming accidents occur due to those understandably unsteady hands.

7)Shaking off the night before

Tradition holds that the night before the wedding a groom will enjoy the company of his closest friends and family. It’s an evening often punctuated with one or two soothing beverages, likely followed by one or two more.

The eventual torrent of libations can have unenticing after effects on your wedding day skin. Put cold packs on your eyes and apply a rich bodied moisturiser to minimise the damage caused by overnight dehydration.

Do you have any helpful hints for men that are soon to be wed? Tweet us your wedding day grooming tips @puremansg

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