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When it comes to real men’s style, it’s about more that just the clothes you choose to wear. How you make your trendy look your own often depends on the way you accessorise your look.

But, pulling off men’s accessories is often tricky ground: Is this too much? Too colourful? Not right for me? Finding the right accessories for men can be difficult, particularly a wide variety that lets you express your unique self through your fashion choices.

We compiled a short checklist to keep you on track when adding your personal touch to any outfit:

1. Is it the right size?

A big part of looking stylish and on trend is the way your clothes and accessories fit you. Not only should your clothes be the right fit for your build, but it’s equally important that your accessories complement your look by being in proportion to you size. If you’re a smaller guy, you’ll want to avoid accessories that drown you out, like a chunky tie. And similarly, bigger men won’t want to wear small accessories that are easily drowned out by their stature. There is no set rule here, but go with your gut and what feels and looks right!

If you’re really stumped, go with something mid-sized like DeMontbray Pilton Classic Gold Watch with Brown Leather & Travel Case – it’ a reasonably sized watch that most men will be able to pull off easily!

2. Have I chosen the right metal?

This one is a little bit trickier, as it will probably take more trial and error to find the metal that suits your skin tone. But a good way to find out is to ask yourself: When faced with a choice between gold, silver and rose gold accessories, which do you tend towards? Your answer is usually a good indication of what best complements your tone and you should probably stick to this metal in your accessories. Remember, however, you can mix and match (anyone who tells you otherwise hasn’t joined 2016 fashion trends) like pairing a gold-detailed watch (we love the DeMontbray Pilton Classic Gold Watch with Black Leather) with a silver-accented bracelet (like the Dapper Vigilante’s The Art Black & Blue Silver Anchor & Rope Bracelet) and belt (like the silver-buckled Dapper Vigilante The Otto Navy Canvas Belt). After all, this is fashion and the rules are made to be bent to suit your individual style!

3. What colours suit me best?

Many men are afraid to experiment with different, but when you play with different tones in a trendy way, it can take your look from ordinary to fashion-forward.

A good basis for any outfit is neutral tones (such as black, white, navy, grey, beige, tan etc.). Try to build the bulk of your outfit from these colours as they make the ideal backdrop for colourful accents in your accessories. When accessorising, think of your added detail as a ‘pop’ of colour to add some personality to an otherwise normal look. We love the idea of a bright coloured tie like Dapper Vigilante’s The Steadman Knit Tie in either lavender, or yellow for the braver fashion experimenters. If you’re looking for something subtler, try a cool, no-fuss detail like the Dapper Vigilante The Greco Yellow Flower Lapel Pin.

4. Can I pull off patterns, prints and different textures?

Like colours, a lot of men steer clear of bolder patterns, print or unfamiliar textures. But done the right way, you can pull these bolder details off with fashionable ease.

If you’re trying to introduce a new print, pattern or texture into your wardrobe, start small by making your chosen accessory the accent piece to a neutral outfit by only wearing one standout print, pattern or texture at a time. A timeless pattern is polka dots, like those on Dapper Vigilante The Sanders Burgundy Polka Dot Knit Tie – they’re easily incorporated into various styles, adding a slight quirky detail that expresses a bolder style personality.

If you’re more open to experimenting, then you can mix different prints, patterns and textures. But the rule here is to make sure they are different in size, for example a pin-striped suit should be worn with a shirt with thicker stripes.

5. Are the materials right for me?

When selecting materials, a good starting point is your lifestyle. What do you spend most of your time doing, and how can your outfit choice help you do this in the most comfortable way possible? For example, if you’re on the move most of the day, you’ll want flexible materials that won’t constrict you from getting on with your tasks. We love Dapper Vigilante’s The Otto Tan Canvas Belt – not only is it a neutral colour that complements most outfits, but the easy material is a great choice for a man on the move.

Remember, tougher materials like leather are both fashionable and durable too, but can be hard to get simple tasks done if they’re constrictive. Think of new ways to wear this material, like in an easy-to-wear accessory such as Dapper Vigilante The Winston Leather Bracelet (we recommend stacking both the Black and Chocolate together).

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