4 Tips to Create the Perfect Morning Grooming Routine

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Breakfast, you’ve undoubtedly been told, is the most important meal of anyone’s day. It gives you the energy to attack your work or play with the sort of vim and vigour on which you pride yourself.

But while a wholesome breakfast will optimise your internals, what about your externals? It’s a sad truth that while you might feel on top of your game, it can count for nought if you don’t look on top of your game. Outward appearance, for better or worse, matters.

Thus, a good morning grooming routine is essential for the modern day man. And while the intricacies of such a routine will differ from person to person, below are but a few quick tips that might help to create a regimen that will have you looking and feeling your very best.

1)In the Shower

The largest and (all being equal) most visible of all your organs, your skin should be treated with far more care than most give it. While you might feel that a cheap bar of soap will get the job done, such products will often contain harsh ingredients that aggravate or dry the skin.

Those with dry or sensitive skin will benefit from a soap-free cleanser, whether that be in bar or liquid form. Those with slightly oilier skin should aim for a bodywash containing either salicylic or glycolic acid; these ingredients simultaneously degrease the skin and unclog pores.

While shampoos and conditioners clean and offer volume to hair, they really shouldn’t be used daily. They wash away your hair’s natural oils which keep both your hair and scalp healthy. Shampoo a maximum of every two days, and only condition every other time you shampoo.

2)All about That Face

The warm shower will serve to open up your pores, so post-shower is the perfect time to exfoliate. Use cold water and a dedicated cloth to gently scrub your face, putting a focus on the T-zone (where the most oil is produced). At the start of your week it’s wise to perform a deeper exfoliation with the help of a cream.

Daily exfoliation will make your pores more receptive to moisturiser, your next port of call. Apply one that matches your skin type and that has an SPF rating of 15 or above.

3)The Art of Shaving

Once again open pores make for a cleaner, more comfortable shave, so aim to apply the razor either during or after a shower. The following procedure is key to achieving the most comfortable shave possible:

a)Apply a pre-shave oil

b)Apply a shaving cream or gel with a lather brush

c)Use a clean, regularly changed razor

d)Shave only in the direction that the hair grows, never against the grain

For those that curate stubble or a beard, a quality trimmer is a must. While a trim needn’t be a daily occurrence, running through a comb and applying beard oil most certainly should. Combing and shaping with oil will train your facial hair to grow in the direction you want it to, and will ensure your breakfast doesn’t hitchhike its way to the office in amongst your whiskers.

4)The Hair up There

The ‘hard hat’ hair styling look that seeks to contain your hair through pure weight of product has never and will never be desirable. Instead you want to use as little as is necessary to get the job done. For short-to-medium length hair, no more than a 10c coin’s worth should be required.

Style your hair prior to putting the product in to identify areas that may require a little extra in order to hold. Paste is great for shorter hair, and crème is preferable for longer locks. Hard setting gel should be used exclusively by those who have somehow stumbled into the late 90s and are looking to make it big with a boy band.

A complete morning grooming routine requires minimal time and effort, but the potential rewards are great. A sound body, both inside and out, will foster a sound mind, and allow you to be the best version of yourself you can be.

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