Spotlight on Thiers Issard Razors and Shave Products

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We love a little pampering with a good summer shave. So we’re shining a light on Thiers Issard razors and shave products.
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Summer’s nearly here. That means sweating. And for many men out there, that means a clean shave so that handsome mug can breathe in the hot heat! So in the spirit of fresh faced summer lads let’s take a look at the world of the awesome Thiers Issard razors and shave products. 

Pierre Thiers established Thiers Issard way back in 1884 in France, so you know these guys have a long history of quality razor blading. The name of the company came to be by combining Thiers, his surname, with his wife’s, Issard, so as to make himself stand out from the rest of the Thiers family known for their awesome blacksmith and forging skills.

Pierre had an incredible talent as a blacksmith and came from a line of master razor makers. For 24 years Pierre learned the art of making the perfect razor, he began as an apprentice and after more than two decades was considered a master razor maker. He worked hard and diligently in his trade and became famous among those in the know and among ‘connoisseurs of fine cutlery’. Not only was he a master when it came to hand made razors, but he was also a brilliant craftsman of knives. His talent was passed on to his son Pierre Thiers Jr who apprenticed under Pierre Sr, and the business continued to grow and thrive as more family members joined the company through the 1900s. 

The Thiers Issard company has high standards and stands by the quality of their work. They’re passionate about passing on their talent and craft from generation to generation and maintain that 90% of their work is still handcrafted. Not only are their razors of impeccable quality, the design is a work of art. And guess what? Pureman has a ton of amazing products by these family business legends. Take a look and we dare you not to buy any of their goodies. 

Thiers Issard Shaving Soap: This collection of shaving soaps are made with Shea butter, so it helps to soften and smooth your skin while you give yourself a brilliant Thiers Issard shave. If you enjoy a full shave with the brush and bowl, the soap will also create a gentle lather. It’s also 100% natural and comes in a handful of scents, eucalyptus-rosemary, fennel-mint, fresh, flowery and woody. 

Thiers Issard Shaving Brush 21mm: With the option for a black or white handle, this brush is made with pure badger hair for a generous lather while also massaging and exfoliating your skin. The handle shape allows for the perfect grip so your shave is as relaxing as it’s meant to be.

Thiers Issard Deluxe Elm Burl Box for Straight Razors: These guys are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and detail that goes into their products. This straight razor box is no exception. Handmade in France, It’s lined with red velvet and has a magnetic closure to keep razors from ending up all over your bathroom floor...

Thiers Issard Pure Alum Razor Block: This brilliant little block is a medicated stone consisting of alum and potassium. The alum has a handy way of stopping bleeding from minor shaving cuts, the potassium is an antiseptic that cleanses and closes the pores acting as a great skin toner, natural deodorant and antiseptic tool. All you have to do is wet the block before you use it and apply to your skin. How easy is that? Just make sure you dry it when you’re done so it doesn’t dissolve into medicated nothingness...

Thiers Issard 5/8 Razor 188 Wheat Ebony Spartacus: If you’re ready for the big guns in the razor world, incest in the 188 Wheat Ebony Spartacus. I mean, Spartacus is in the name so it’s obviously going to be an epic shave experience. The singing hollow blade allows it to be extra sharp and flexible. It has a stunning hand carved ‘wheat’ ornament on the spine to give it that extra class. 

Thiers Issard 6/8 Razor Special Coiffeur: A bit of a work of blacksmith art, this razor boasts a 6/8 singing hollow for an extra close, comfortable shave. The blade is carbon steel with a satin finish. It’s perfectly balanced and made for both beginners and the most experienced wet shaver. If you only spoil yourself with this razor every so often rub it with light oil and store it in a safe, dry place. It’s also a good idea to invest in a razor strop and strop balm.

Happy summer shave shopping, mates. 

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