Spotlight on Men-ü: Quality Grooming That Makes a Difference

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Pureman shines their spotlight on one of our favourite product lines, Men-ü. Quality grooming products that make a difference to both your skincare routine and the environment

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Pureman is taking a moment to shine a spotlight on Men-ü. We’re so proud to have these amazing grooming and skincare products on our proverbial shelves. Men-ü produces quality skincare and grooming products that make a difference to more than just everyday grooming rituals.

Founded in 2001 in the U.K. by Graham Fish, Men-ü is now considered one of the top professional grooming brands on the market. Using only the finest ingredients in the highest of concentrations, Men-ü products are small, easy to travel with and are complemented by a collection of heritage Italian shaving brushes, kits and gifts.

Graham Fish was a firm believer that men’s grooming products could be of higher quality and standard and that men would be willing to pay for the very best. So he went forth and made it happen. With 40 years in the beauty industry, Graham has built businesses around the world and contributes to hair and beauty magazines as well as having a Men-ü Hairdressing Academy. His Men-ü products are featured in top salons as well as in barber shops and online, and are available internationally.

In 2019, Men-ü launched 3R Grooming. The 3Rs stand for the well known enviro-terms Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But their focus specifically addresses reducing chemical waste by using ultra concentrated quality ingredients, reusing pumps and caps and recycling product containers and other recyclables. Between the amazing products on offer and their help the environment attitude, Men-ü truly is a company at the top of its game. As for their products, they range from shampoos and conditioners to shave creams, brushes and cleansing washes. The range is vast and the quality, impeccable. Check out just some of what Pureman has on offer.

Men-ü Hair

Men-ü Healthy Hair and Scalp Shampoo: A terrific cleanser and refresher for both your hair and your scalp. The shampoo removes dirt, hair products, salt and chlorine and the added octopirox also works to heal and soothe itchy, flaky skin.  

Men-ü Daily Moisturising Conditioner: Smooths and nourishes the hair while adding the perfect amount of shine without being greasy. Like its shampoo counterpart, this conditioner helps to remove hair products, dirt, salt and chlorine from your hair and octopirox works to soothe itchy, flaky skin. Rock the smoothest and cleanest hair around.

Men-ü Spray Fix: Create the perfect style and volume for your trendy look by using this precision, lightweight hairspray. Whether your hair is thick, thin, straight or curly, a little goes a long way.

Men-ü Clay: If you prefer clay to spray, give this product a try. If you like to hit the office or hit the pub with a matte, disheveled or choppy hairstyle, this clay is the go. Long lasting and flexible control with great texture, you’ll feel the perfect amount of suave and cool.

Men-ü Cleanse

Men-ü Healthy Face Wash: An awesome deep cleanser that is PH balanced with a natural tea tree oil antiseptic and antibacterial. This cleanser also helps to protect the skin from shave burn and spots and uses witch hazel to help soothe and heal any of those pesky rashes and irritations.

Men-ü Matt Skin Refresh Gel: Ultra concentrated with salicylic acid and witch hazel, this terrific toner gel helps to remove dirt and oil as well as clear up blocked pores and breakouts. Matt Skin Refresh Gel also tightens the skin for a brighter look and helps calm irritated skin and overcome ingrown hairs with extracts of natural willow bark. It really does do a bit of everything!

Men-ü Facial Moisturising Lift: This lotion leaves you feeling moisturised without feeling greasy. Suitable for all skin types, it helps to calm irritated skin and is best used after a fresh shave or shower. You’ll love feeling fresh and clean.

Men-ü 3 Minute D-Tox: This killer clay mask is a fast drying, deep cleansing and absorbent mask made with kaolin clay, witch hazel and zinc oxide. Effective after 3 short minutes, it helps to bring out impurities in the pores, remove dead skin cells and excess oil and leaves your skin feeling clean, firm and fresh.

Men-ü Shave

Men-ü Shave Crème: Developed to be used with our without a shaving brush, this quality shave cream is made with tea tree oil, an awesome natural antibacterial and antiseptic (in case you weren’t paying attention earlier!). Added moisturisers help keep your face nick free.

Men-ü Barbiere Pure Bristle Shaving Brush with Stand: Made with boar bristles for the perfect balance of softness and resistance for a close, perfect shave. If you like to get fancy, it also comes with a stand and the brush itself comes in 4 different colours, red, blue, black and white.

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