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Hunter Lab’s focus on effortless, natural skincare has made them one of our
favourite companies to work with. Check out our Hunter Lab products and
Pureman’s awesome limited time offer.

Hunter Lab’s range of skincare is Australian born, natural, highly scientific and is easy to use, no matter your schedule or time constraints. With high end products for your face, body and hair, Hunter Lab has your grooming and skincare covered. We guarantee you’ll love Hunter Lab, so we’re offering you a deal to make it nearly impossible not to trial; if you spend $50+ on Hunter Lab products, we'll send you a sachet of samples for free. Check out a few of many amazing products we have to offer.

Hunter Lab Face Fuel nourishes and helps protect your skin from free radicals with it’s natural combination of avocado, macadamia and passionfruit seed oils that nourish and help protect your skin from free radicals. A powerful moisturiser, Face Fuel also helps to rejuvenate dry, dull and damaged skin.

Hunter Lab Exfoliating Body Bar is made with goat’s milk, vitamin E and shea butter, naturally aiding in the regeneration and condition of your skin. Black clay and pumice deeply cleanses and removes dead skin, while tangerine and grapefruit essential oils give an added fresh scent.

Hunter Lab Charcoal Mud Mask purifies the skin by hydrating and soothing with it’s ultra natural formation. This mud mask helps get rid of impurities and inflammation and deeply detoxifies your skin, leaving it brighter, smoother and clearer.

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