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Pureman loves a good, long standing brand. This one is no exception. We shed a spotlight on D.R. Harris and Co.
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As huge fans of this long established company, Pureman shines a spotlight on D.R. Harris and Co. Established in 1790, Harris’ Apothecary set up shop at 11 St. James’ Street and is one of London’s oldest pharmacies. The two proprietors, surgeon Henry Harris and pharmaceutical chemist Daniel Rotely (D.R.) began by selling perfumes to this fashionable area of London. To this day, D.R. Harris and Co.’s home remains on St. James. Street. For more than two centuries this family business served the gentry and court at St. James and in 2002 the company was warranted as chemists to Her Majesty the Queen in 1938, then again as chemists for the Prince of Wales in 2002 and to Her Majesty the Queen in 2012. Though dispensing prescriptions may be where they began, with a few colognes and perfumes alongside in their shop, they’ve become known for so much more, as well.

Their traditional chemist’s shop lives at 29 St. James’ Street and still maintains much of the decor and furniture of the original shop. Though their products and services certainly move with the times and with the ever changing needs of their clientele. Awesome collections of shaving creams, soaps, colognes and skincare products always line the shelves at D.R. Harris and Co., with fans of the product line from across the globe. The name they’ve made for themselves over the past generations continues to thrive. 

Aside from their long standing place in pharmaceuticals and grooming, D.R. Harris and Co. also stands firm when it comes to their environmental policies, something we highly respect and admire. They work their darndest to be environmentally conscious. They focus on reusable and recyclable packaging including glass bottles and wooden bowls. They try and be as carbon neutral as possible, and they locally source as much as they’re able to so they can cut down on delivery miles and support British businesses. 

Recently, they’ve connected with Eden Reforestation Projects and are now able to plant a tree with every purchase made online and in store. Five trees are planted for each trade order. 

The pharmacy has special drug disposal bins and they welcome other businesses to utilise these bins, as well. And there is absolutely no animal testing. This team works hard and has been making a mark for over 200 years. Pretty ace, in our books.

Check out some of what we have on offer at Pureman and over at D.R. Harris and Co.

D.R. Harris S1 Ebony Shaving Brush: Made with the very best grade of badger hair bristles and produced in England, this brush can be used for both a wet and dry shave. Options for ebony, ivory and horn handles are available. 

Naturals Lemon and Vetiver Face Wash: An entirely natural face wash that gently cleanses and leaves you smelling fresh and feeling rejuvenated.

Naturals Ginger and Lemon Moisture Cream: For use on your hands, face and body, this cream leaves your skin soft and feeling fresh. Made with a blend of ginger and lemon oils.

D.R. Harris Safety Razor: This ivory handled safety blade is comfortable to use and has the option to be used with a number of different brands of double edged razor blades. Hit up Gillette, Wilkinson or Feather with ease for a perfect shave.

Lavender Water: One of the oldest fragrances in the D.R. Harris arsenal, this fragrance is made with the essence of lavender blossoms from England, blended with rose water, bergamot and a touch of musk.

Sandalwood Cologne: Masculine and highly fragranced, the sandalwood cologne is made with the essence of sandalwood and notes of camphor, clove, bergamot, eucalyptus, ylang ylang, neroli, rosemary oil and patchouli. 

D.R. Harris Shaving Bowl: Made from porcelain, these bowls will add a touch of class to your daily shave routine.

Coconut Shampoo Bar: Economical and ecologically friendly, this great little bar gives a lot of lather and is great for both dry and sensitive hair and skin. The handy little tin also makes it a smart little travel shampoo.

D.R. Harris Beard Oil: Formulated with jojoba oil, abyssinian oil and vitamin E to nourish your beard and keep your skin healthy and moisturised. This high class beard oil will also help relieves itchiness and both strengthens and softens the hair. 

There you have it. An awesome, long standing collection of fragrances and grooming products from our friends over in the UK, D.R. Harris and Co.

Photo Credit: @drharrislondon

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