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Alright Puremen, it’s time to talk about antiperspirants and deodorants. Regardless of what your grooming regime is, applying one of these is a step none of us overlook. There are many options out there – some of us are using the same product we’ve used since puberty. But it’s time to think about switching to a higher quality, aluminium free product. Whether you’re read the studies, believe them, buy into them, there are things we know to be true.

  • Our bodies are meant to sweat- this is our body’s way of regulating our internal temperature. Maybe you’re a sweaty person, maybe you’re not. But regardless, sweat is GOOD for us.
  • Sweating CAN be a stinky process.
  • Aluminium based products seem to be questionable – researchers are looking into the true effects. Read up at your leisure.
  • Natural products are better (obviously).
  • Your body’s pH balance is a delicate one – what works for you, won’t work for your workout buddy.

So, what now? It’s time to try some products that are healthier for you, can help you to smell like dreams coming true, and are endorsed by your fellow mankind. Our thoughts:

Alum stone (different than the aluminium based chemicals in other products) has been used for centuries for many purposes due to its astringent properties. It is particularly effective as a natural deodorant as the mineral salts in alum stone prevent the formation of odour-causing bacteria. Either moisten the stone with water or apply to wet skin and rub to give effective lasting protection. Alum stone can also be used to relieve razor burn and to help heal minor cuts. This polished alum stone is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. (Seriously, use it to help post shave). This product is handy to have around (trust us) but also, we fully acknowledge it might not satisfy the feeling of “putting on deodorant”, we get it. But try it. And keep it around for the above noted purposes.

We stock Penhaligon’s Deodorant Sticks (they come highly recommended) – they are aluminium and paraben free (bonus!) and keep you smelling fresh and clean all day. Non-sticky and will not stain your clothes. That being said, if you’re switching over, a reapply could help during the day. We stock numerous products by this line – make your scent choice. The reviews for their products are top of the line.

This sensitive skin formula provides odour protection with the added comfort of an aluminium and alcohol-free formulation. In addition to the potential of aluminium causing problems in the sensitive pits, alcohol can cause cumulative irritation and inflammation for those with sensitive skin, and can also make the natural skin barrier more penetrable and susceptible to irritation. 

This product boasts an earthy citrus-herbal musk blend which natural botanicals like Comfrey Root, Yarrow and Acai extracts, along with Tea Tree Oil and Chamomile. AKA natural ingredients that are anti-bacterial that leave no rashes, that actually work.

So, this one serves a dual purpose. Not only is it a great product to use underarms, you can use it to deodorize your gym bag. Or stinky car. Here’s the lowdown: This good-for-the-environment, non-aerosol spray deodorant is made with botanical extracts and essential oils. Which oils you ask? Vetiver – An essential oil, and a top men’s fragrance that produces a pleasant and mild earthy, musky smell. Rosewood – An essential oil, rosewood produces a mild sweet, spicy and floral aroma. Spearmint – An essential oil, spearmint produces a refreshing, minty aroma. Try it. Keep it around. You won’t regret it.

Try them out. It’s time to think about your general health – that’s what mindful gentlemen do.

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