Pureman's Top 5 Holiday Hangover Cures

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And it’s also the time of year when men and women consume the most alcohol and binge drinking increases, be it celebratory or to cope with holiday stress. SBS News shared an article online stating that our weekly alcohol consumption over Christmas triples! It’s no wonder we wake up at some point during the holiday season with hangovers of apocalyptic proportions. While we recommend staying safe and doing your best to play it smart this holiday season, we understand that there are times when we all have an extra glass or two too many. On those rare occasions, Pureman has you covered. Here are our top 5 holiday hangover cures, tried, tested and true.

  • Water, water and more water! Alcohol is a champ when it comes to dehydrating you, so to fight those nasty effects, drink water. A lot of water. If you can remember to do so, drink a few glasses before you crawl into bed post-party. Then wake up and drink a few more. It won’t be pleasant but it will help in the long run.

  • Eat protein. Cook up (or go treat yo’self) to a big plate of bacon and eggs. The protein helps detox your liver and in turn assists in your recovery.

  • Sweat it then forget it. Though ‘sweating it out’ won’t cure you of your hangover, getting moderate exercise will raise your dopamine levels and make you feel better. Exercise is a great and natural anti-depressent for the negative impacts of those copious amounts of alcohol you ingested at last night’s epic Christmas party. Just don’t push yourself too hard. You also need to rest, which brings us to…

  • Get some daytime Zzz. Go ahead. Nap. Turn off your phone, lay down, close your eyes and get some rest. Your body will have time to heal and you’ll feel better for it.

  • Prevention is the best way to keep a hangover at bay. So let’s hope you are reading this one before your big night. Eat before you drink and try to limit your intake to one drink an hour. Order a glass of water alongside each drink and stay hydrated. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to have an awesome holiday season! Make some memories, preferably the kind that don’t involve you being locked in the toilet hugging the porcelain throne. Merry Christmas!
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