Pureman's Cures for the Monday Blues

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Pick me ups and ideas to liven up a gloomy Monday.
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We have all fallen prey at some time or another, possibly weekly, to the dreaded Monday Blues. The glorious weekend of play and idleness is over. The work week is upon us once more. Your feet drag as you pull yourself out of bed and one cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it. Though a Monday morning is rarely perfect, we can help you liven it up by adding a little bit of Pureman to your morning routine.

My mum always told the ladies in the family that if they were having a bad day, doing your hair nicely, wearing something pretty and putting on some lipstick will undoubtedly make you feel better. Believe it or not, it can kinda work that way for the blokes, too. Probably minus the lippy.

Add a splash of colour with a Dapper Vigilante lapel pin, The Sanders Burgundy knit tie or manly DeMontbrayPilton watch. Part your hair instead of combing it back with one of our newest pomades, Mr. Hawke. Or maybe clean up last week’s growth and freshen up that mug with any of our awesome shave products. Whichever way you slice it, with a little bit of something new in your morning routine, your Monday can be off to snappy start.

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