Pureman’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Gift Ideas

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Pureman walks you through their Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday gift ideas.
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It’s getting close to that time again! We’re halfway through October and the shops are already putting out holiday decorations. Pretty soon, carols will be filling the radio air waves. The festive season will be in full swing before we know it! And what, far more often than we’d probably like, goes along with the festival season? Gift giving! Don’t get me wrong. When you manage to find that perfect gift for that special someone, it's the best feeling! The less enjoyable part for many of us, though, is trying to figure out what that perfect gift should be in the first place! I must admit that I often find myself rather unprepared. Buying gifts for the people I love, to be quite honest, gives me a great deal of anxiety. Shopping centres filled with people trigger the mildly claustrophobic introvert in me and I want to go running for the hills. 

It’s probably rather obvious at this point, I do the majority of my holiday shopping online. This is one of a handful of things I am grateful to the internet for. Alongside Netflix, easy dinner recipe searches and #nailedit baking fails. Anyway, I digress. All this to say, online shopping can be a life saver and the best time to shop online for the holidays is on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Deals. More deals. (We’ll have them, too!) And no other shoppers around. And bonus! I’m here to help you prepare for those two big days by giving you a few holiday gift ideas. How lucky are you?!

Convenient Gifts to Encourage a Cheeky Escape

Hunter Lab Essentials: Hunter Lab is the bomb. And these two items will make you wonder why you hadn’t treated your skin so wonderfully before now. The Face Fuel is majorly hydrating and will fight those nasty, wrinkle causing free radicals. The Cleansing Facial Scrub sloughs away dead skin while leaving you feeling fresh, brighter and ready to face the day.

Proraso Travel Kit: This bad boy has everything you need for a clean, comfortable shave on the road. Pre-shave cream, shave cream, aftershave balm and even a mini shave brush. Stocked. 

Marvis Travel Kit: Keep your mouth minty fresh and your toothbrush secure in the compact rubber travel bag, perfect for those extra water drops that tend to find their way into travel kits with toothbrushes in them. Don’t deny it.

Bater of California Dsptch Dopp Kit: This limited release kit will ensure that you’re not just following the crowd. It comes with travel sized versions of all of the Baxter of California greats: daily face wash, oil free moisturiser, super close shave formula, after shave balm, daily protein shampoo, hard cream pomade and of course the awesome dopp bag, itself. Ready to roll.

Muhle RT5 Leather Bag: This manly number will look good wherever you go. It’s made with grooming in mind, so you’ll find compartments for razors, brushes, shaving cream and the like. The high quality leather and build make it durable as well as great to look at. 

Things You’d Like to Get, Too

Dapper Vigilante Otto Tan Canvas Belt: Summertime always calls for a quality, good looking canvas belt. This one is sturdy and stylish. Win-win, mate.

Ted Baker Bike Hip Flask: They call it a bike hip flask. Though I’m not so sure a serious cycle and a cheeky drink go together. That being said, it would be a hit at parties and Ted Baker gave it a playful design for a great conversation starter. Or I suppose, for a bike ride.

Floris For Men: JF, where the name came from we have no idea, is a delectable scent that blends bergamot, lemon, lime and mandarin in combination with an intensely aromatic blend of armoise, coriander and clary sage. The ‘heart’ of the fragrance, as it were, is juniper berry, cypress and petitgrain. My favourite hit is the amber, cedarwood and musky base. This blend is masculine and, well, quite devine. 

Captain Fawcett’s Wild Boar Bristle Beard Brush: Keep your beard tidy and maintain a great shape. If you use it on the regular the stiff bristles will even help encourage hair growth and help keep your beard healthy and clean! If nothing else, nobody enjoys a beard when stray hairs are sticking out everywhere. ‘Nuff said.

Pigeon and Weasel Longneck Vanilla Candle: Walking into a room that smells like vanilla is the best. Period.

Here’s hoping this list helps keep the holiday shopping anxiety at bay. Any questions, shoot us a message. We’re here to serve!

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