Pureman’s Best Hats for a Stylish Summer

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With hot days and bright sun ahead, you don’t have to lose your style. We take you through Pureman’s Best Hats for a Stylish Summer.
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As we head into summer we gear up for all of the changes that come along with it. Holidays. Patio weather. Summer wardrobe. Sunscreen. Sunnies. And hats. Don’t forget the hats. In working to keep our skin healthy and protected from the lovely, harsh rays of Australia it can seem like a bit of a slog to get out the door on a summer’s day. It can also feel like your fashion sense goes out the window when you’re just trying to stay cool and protected. Hats can ruin a good hair day, let’s face it. But we’re all about protecting that noggin of yours, so hear us out. Hats can be cool. If you find the right ones, they can add to your outfit, look sharp, trendy and keep you safe from the sun. So to help you look good and stay sun smart, here’s Pureman’s best hats for a stylish summer.

Cotton Baseball Cap

Cotton has you covered. More breathable, a cotton baseball hat during the summer will help keep you shaded and looking on point. Snag one in black and one in white and your bases are pretty much covered. If you’re more of a no logo kind of guy, simply hit up Amazon for some plain cotton hat options. If you prefer a bit more pop on your cap, check out something like this cotton Adidas cap.

Panama Straw Hat

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and the old baseball cap just won’t do with your button down and chinos, take a look at the Panama Straw Hat. These bad boys are light in colour so they won’t draw that beating sun toward you anymore than it already seems to be. They’re made from lightly woven straw so they’re absolutely breathable. They look sharp, they’re stylish and will totally give you that classic Robert Redford vibe. Seems like a win! If you want the real deal you can check out the legit Panama Hat options here. If you’d prefer the style without the price tag to go along with it, you can roll on over to somewhere like Surf Stich for a more affordable but equally sharp looking option.

Snap Back

Maybe you existed in the 90s. Maybe you did not. Either way, if you aren’t living under a rock you’re probably aware that the snap back hat is a thing. This ultimate 90s cool style is back with a vengeance. The adjustable ‘snap’ at the back of the hat allows for a fit for pretty much anyone and the rigid panelling and wider brim gives it that old school vibe. Pair this with jeans and a tee for a more casual look or if you’re feeling like you want a cleaner look you can pair it with some white sneakers, chinos and a button down. Just find the style that’s right for you and make the look your own!

Trucker Cap

If you’re not feeling the snap back vibe but you like the idea of reliving the early aughts, check out the Trucker Cap. With it’s mesh back, they’re breathable for summer and look great with a causal tee and jeans or shorts. Patagonia has as great collection with multiple colours to choose from, so you can keep it low key with a neutral colour or jazz things up with a brighter coloured option.

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are in. They aren’t just for the kiddos at primary school, anymore! Rejoice, because you, too, can avoid getting your neck burned by the sun while still staying stylish...but there’s a caveat. You have to be ready to rock it. We’d say for men who are in the 30s and under crowd who aren’t afraid to make a statement, bucket hats can offer you an alternative hat style with your 90s throwback attire that is all the rage these days.

Flat Cap 

Flat caps are cool. They’ve been around for decades. And they’re still here. That in and of itself says they have longevity and they’re not going out anytime soon. Often thought of as the hat for those gents who’ve not been blessed with a full head of hair, they’re not just made to cover up a receding hairline. Flat caps are worn best with button downs, chino shorts or pants and a cleaner, dress casual look. If you’re just looking to rock a jeans and tee we’d steer you more toward a baseball cap. Or, depending on your tastes…

The Dad Hat

Ah, the dad hat. Worn by dads all over the world, th ehat that brings nostalgia, laughter and love is here to stay. For dads. Always. But these days even non-dads are donning the dad hat. Meant to give off an “I’m cool without even trying to be cool” vibe for the non-dads out there, they can be rocked with jeans. They can be rocked with chinos. They can be rocked with tee shirts or Hawaiin shirts. They can be plain or have logos or ridiculous sayings like “Gone Fishin’”. Whatever your brand of dad hat, wear it with pride.

There you have it. Find your hat and enjoy the summer.

Photo Credit: Erik McLean, Unsplash
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