Pureman’s Weekend Wardrobe Essentials for Men

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Pureman takes a look at all of the ways you can stay stylish during your downtime with our list of weekend wardrobe essentials for men
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As the office clock above your greyscale, stale aired cubicle ticks toward 5:00pm, your brow begins to sweat. The hands don’t seem to be moving quickly enough. You look around at your fellow office rats and notice they all seem to be doing the same thing. You loosen your tie. You cannot wait to jump out of your monkey suit (stylish as it is) and jump into something more comfortable. Did we say comfortable? We also meant perfectly stylish. Tick. Tock. the clock figuratively chimes 5, you are out the door! It’s the weekend! And you have a slew of great plans ahead. Now, whatever should you wear?! Since you asked, here are Pureman’s weekend wardrobe essentials for men.

The weekend is laid out in front of you, a blessed break from the hard yards during the work week. You may instinctively want to dive into your oldest pair of jeans and an oversized jumper, but you forget fellow Pureman, that just because you don’t have to don a weekend suit doesn’t mean you can’t still keep yourself looking fashion forward and sharp during your weekend of fun and relaxation.

A Smart Button Down

We get that button down shirts can remind you of the days at the office and the idea of them can suddenly have you feeling less than comfortable. But don’t worry! We have a solution that can keep you looking smart while still giving you that happy-weekend relaxed feeling. Layer it, mate. Find a cheeky button down and pair it with a nice (read: properly fitting) v-neck tee. Keep the shirt open, pair the tops with some sharp sneakers (we love the converse) and some well cut chinos and you’re off to the races! Well, not the proper races. That’s a bit more fancy dress. But you get our meaning.

We Love a Sharp Chambray

Chambray is a brilliant blend of dressy and casual, and this material is oh-so comfortable! It is often a lighter blue colour and essentially can be described as the shirt that would exist if a linen and denim shirt had a baby. It’s lightweight and you can pair it with jeans and white sneakers to go full double denim (we support our Canadian commonwealth counterparts and their fashion choices) or dress it up with a pair of khakis and brown suede chelsea boots. Style and comfort on the weekend. What’s not to love?

Bombs Away

They’re baaaack! A dark coloured, classic bomber jacket can give you the perfect amount of cool and suave. What man doesn’t look extra masculine in a bomber jacket? Just be sure when you pair the pants and shoes you don’t get sloppy. If you go for jeans, find a classy slim cut that heightens the weekend style and doesn’t make you too casual.

White Sneakers

We at Pureman are big fans white sneakers. Really. The look good with just about anything. Jeans. Chinos. Shorts. Pants. Khakis. A suit. Yup. We went there. Check out this awesome D’Marge article all about it. They even throw in not-white sneakers. Gasp! Converse sneakers, Adidas and everything in between. Rock ‘em on your weekend with your mates and you’ll look good.


A perfect fitting pair of chinos are an essential piece of weekend wardrobe. With many colours and shades to choose from, the Chino World is your oyster. Find a pair you love and rock them with a white t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look, a button down and chelsea boots to dress them up or mix up your look for the cheeky in between. Comfort and fashion collide with the right pair of chinos. 

A Merino Wool Crewneck Jumper

For the cool winter nights (and days) there is nothing sharper than a well-fitted merino wool crewneck jumper. Pair it with dark denim jeans or a dressier pair of trousers and you’ll look handsome, pulled together and approachable. Merino wool jumpers just give off an air of class as well as coziness. We like that.

Classy Chelsea Boots

As much as we support the white sneaker brigade, you also can’t guarantee there won’t be a night out where you end up somewhere just a little bit swanky and they turn you away at the door because sneakers just won’t cut it. So for those nights of possibility, we recommend some good old Aussie Chelsea boots! A suede pair adds a note of sophistication, and brown just seems to tantalize our fashion forward tastes. But black leather can also go a long way. If you happen to be interested in the history behind some of our famous Aussie boot brands, check out our article, The Best Australian Chelsea Boot Brands.

Now go buy your wardrobe essentials if they aren’t currently in your closet - and enjoy your weekend!

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