Pureman’s Top 7 Men’s Summer Fashion Must Haves

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Summer weather is finally here, and with the sunshine comes Pureman’s top 7 men’s summer fashion must haves

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Ah, blessed sunshine and the love-hate relationship that goes along with it here in Australia. As I write this I’m catching some rays and thanking the heavens for clearing the clouds away and hitting me with some vitamin D. It’s about time. But I know without a doubt that in a few short weeks I’ll be cursing the clouds for their unkind disappearance and wishing for a reprieve, just a tiny, little reprieve! It’s just the way we roll here in the southern hemisphere. That being said, I am currently in a state of contentment sitting outside in the sun and I acknowledge the fact that it’s about that time to put away the layers and winter woolies, fold those sweaters into neat piles and hide them away for the rest of 2019. It’s time for Pureman’s top 7 men’s summer fashion must haves.

Dressing for autumn and winter seems pretty straightforward. Finding layers, different jeans, jackets, scarves and so on makes having some semblance of fashion sense fairly easy to achieve. But when you have to limit those options and stare into the heat of the summer knowing you need to find clothes that make you look good and prevent you from melting in every unattractive way possible, your options may look less than ideal. Well fear not, my fashion forward friend, I’ve got you covered.

The Polo Shirt

Yup. The polo shirt. It’s been a staple in men’s summer wardrobe and though it can possibly be traced back to the 1800s (check out this kick arse article from Gentleman’s Gazette all about the Polo), it hit fashion staple status in the form we know today thanks to tennis star Rene Lacoste. Name sound familiar? I thought it might. Another fun fact, that crocodile logo came to be because good ol’ Rene’s nickname on the tennis courts was “The Crocodile”, thanks to his many fans. Bringing you back to the actual shirt, I realise that’s one expensive croc. But for the cut and comfort it may well be worth the price tag. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what your price point is. But one thing you cannot ignore, no matter the brand, is finding a polo shirt that is breathable and flattering. Find one in a nice, soft cotton in a couple staple colours like white and navy, then maybe add a colourful one to the arsenal for when you’re feeling extra fresh and summery! As for cut, just find the one that sits comfortably on your body. You don’t want it too tight but you definitely don’t want to be swimming in it. You’ve got this.

Chino Shorts

I love me some chino shorts. With loads of colours to choose from as well as a couple of different length options, they’re pretty darn versatile. Let’s hit up length, first. If you’re a guy who is 179cm or less, then you should be wearing shorts that run about 18cm at the inseam. Shorts past your knees are a major no. It. Just. Doesn’t. Look. Good. If you’re a taller bloke, move up in length, shorter, move down a few centimetres. Ultimately you want your shorts to land above the knee and showing off a little bit of thigh is a good thing. Really! Now let’s talk width. If you are not a man with tree trunks for legs, get a slimmer cut! The last thing you want is your shorts to look wide at the bottom so you look scrawny and awkward. Find a flattering cut that is fitted and comfortable. How about colours? Khaki, tan, navy or olive are always winners. But I strongly support a brighter option as well, like a dusty rose or salmon. You can still be masculine in salmon. I swear.

A Cheeky Loafer or Boat Shoe

Ok, ok. I know the boat shoe has always been considered a total ‘dad’ shoe. But they’re so flippin’ comfortable. And they’re back, mate. Check out Sperry and you can see that a classic brown boat shoe is absolutely wearable both for fashion and comfort. Double win. As for the loafer, besides boasting a dreadful name these bad boys are super stylish, can be dressed up and if you buy yourself a quality pair can really last. You can wear them with chinos, with dress pants, jeans and shorts. And they’re oh so breathable for summer with the lower cut to show a bare ankle. Invest. Now.

Linen Shirt

Linen shirts are stylish, breathable and comfortable. They can be dressed up or dressed down and come in all sorts of colours and designs. Need I say more?

Short Sleeved Button Down

A nice white, short sleeved button down shirt in a slim cut can bring you from day out on the dock to night out on the town with ease. They look fantastic, they’re hugely versatile and as long as you invest in quality cotton they’re extremely breathable in summer. Go for white and while you’re at it find one with a floral design for when you’re feeling fancy.

A Sharp Sneaker

You know I am down with a boat shoe or loafer. But you can’t get through the summer without a quality sneaker. I’m a fan of the white sneaker for summer. Vans, Converse, Adidas, they’re all great brands with quality styles. Grab yourself a pair to rock with shorts, jeans or chinos. 


The Australian sun takes a toll on your skin, we all know that. But don’t forget about those sensitive eyes! Find yourself a pair of sunnies that suit your face shape (more on that another day) and make sure they provide maximum UV protection. Polarised lenses are great for clarity but just because they’re polarised doesn’t mean they’re UV protected so make sure you check the label. The right pair of sunnies not only look cool, they keep those bright peepers safe and healthy.

There you have it. Happy summer shopping!

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