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How much time have you spent thinking about how you smell? Or how your home smells? No, I’m not talking about being certain you’re free of body odor and that your house doesn’t smell like garlic and onions. I’m talking about creating an olfactory environment around you and on you! Perhaps you feel that should be left to others not so ‘manly’ as you, but you’d be missing out on the benefits certain aromas provide and how their therapeutic effects can brighten and relax both you and your home environment. Check out this list of what ails ya and the scents that can help you feel better.

Scents to Invigorate
: Eucalyptus and peppermint can help you wake up after a long night... They assist with inflammation and help with those Monday morning cobwebs. Pureman offers Proraso Eucalyptus and Menthol Aftershave Lotion to help wake you up, make you feel more alert and get your day started with a simple wash and shave.

Stress and Insomnia:  A few scents that can aid with these two whoppers are sandalwood and bergamot as well as lavender. But we’ll get to lavender a little later. Bergamot has a calming scent, while sandalwood oil can stimulate the production of melatonin to help with sleep. Though essential oils are often what benefits you the most, Pureman has a Floris eau de toilette that hits all the right notes for an enjoyable and relaxing evening out or quiet night in. Whichever suits your mood.

Anxiety and Depression: It’s been proven that lavender can have a somewhat soothing and sedative effect if used over time. Over at Pureman, Pigeon and Weasel offer a Black Lavender Stubie Candle that can help create a soothing environment, while you’re utilizing other methods to help assist with any anxiety and depression.

Now there’s scents for ya!

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