Pureman’s Guide to Smashing Your Next Holiday Party

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Yes. Men. We’re talking to you. Believe it or not, there was a time not too long ago when men often threw grand, memorable parties with awesome drinks, amazing food and most importantly, with great company and real style.

Begin at the beginning. What kind of party would you like to host? There is the trendy yet classy cocktail party, where you can be the bartender, keep the food light and the party on the shorter end to allow for more events later. There is the the buffet style gathering which allows for a more casual approach to food and drink, as well as focusing on self serving and self seating. This can also allow guests to come and go as they please over the course of a few hours.  There is the potluck party, which is easier on the budget and the cleanup time.

Or if you’d like to go a bit more formal, there is the classic, multi-course sit down meal. For this type of party, you’ll often invite only your closest mates and keep it a little bit more intimate. Whichever party you choose, you can keep it festive, stylish and make it one to be remembered.

The next step is to send out a stylish invite. Don’t just text your mates. Show some flair and care. Check out Paperless Post if you want to rock the evite, or, go for an old school approach with the snail mail invitation. Personally, I love getting snail mail (when it isn’t a bill or flyers…) though you can create some very classy looking evites nowadays. Don’t forget to include a phone number and/or email and an RSVP due date so you’re not scrounging for extras last minute when five of your mates decide to let you know the night before the party that they’ll be joining. Also, be sure to include the attire you’re going for depending on the holiday party you choose. People like an excuse to get a little dressed up now and then, so give them permission to get cleaned up and spray on a little cologne or perfume. Of course, you’re welcome to opt for an Ugly Christmas Sweater or Tacky Christmas Themed Party, but that isn’t what Pureman is guiding you through today.

Finally, it’s time to prepare! Do what you can days in advance to prevent added stress. You want to look good and feel good as you open the door to greet your guests, so early preparedness is essential. Do as much food prep as you can beforehand. Preset your glasses, silverware, table settings etc. Class the table and surrounding rooms up with festive decor. These can be candles (lightly scented candles can add an extra layer of comfort and relaxation - I love the cinnamon and nutmeg scents for the holidays), simple fairy lights, or other holiday decorations. If you opt for some colour, choose no more than a couple that compliment each other to keep your party away from the tacky. Choose music that suits the mood you are going for, something that won’t offend anyone’s senses, no matter how different your mates may be. I love a good ol’ Michael Buble record. But that’s just me. Did I mention record players at holiday parties add an extra level of style? So if you have one handy, good on ya!

Most importantly, enjoy your time with friends and family and create some awesome memories. Finish the year off with a bang!

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