Pureman’s Art and History of The Barber

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Pureman explores the art and history
of the barber and the community they create
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Barbers represent a tribe, a community, a gathering of people. Their shops are havens for social interactions, banter and discourse. For over a century men have gathered in these communal spaces for their time to relax and even hold community discussions and debates. But the history of barbers began long before then. In the middle ages, barbers held high positions of responsibility, not only as haircutters but as surgeons and dentists. Before that, barbers were considered spiritual leaders; it was once believe that spirits, both good and bad, could enter a body through their hair. Barbers would cut the hair of the possessed in certain ‘cuts’ in order to exorcise the bad spirits. Barbers, in short, have held positions of significance in tribes and communities for thousands of years. It’s no wonder barbers today create a space that so many find warm, comforting, safe, joyful and artistic. It’s in their history, in the very nature of what a barber is.

A barber is the scent of shave cream, of leather and coffee. A barber is shears and clippers and tonic. Barbering is a respectable trade and an impressive form of artistic expression. Hair, beards, shaves and steams created for each man are a way of life for the barber. A barber is community, family and comfort. A barber is conversation, laughter and debate. Centuries upon centuries of ritual and connectedness shared in one space. For many, a barber’s shop is a second home. We welcome you in to be a part of ours.

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