Pureman’s 2 Minute Tend Skin Tutorial

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The majority of us post pubescent adults have suffered through the discomfort, and sometimes the embarrassment, of razor burn, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Women and men. And yes men, it’s ok to admit this. We take pride in our appearances as well. Whether on your face, your neck, the more sensitive regions or anywhere else you may point a razor or hot wax, smooth and clear is the preferred state of being. Often though, our skin works against us. “If only there was a product that could help my skin feel both soft and smooth”, you say. Guess what? There is! And we have it! The glorious elixir in a blue bottle is called Tend Skin. And we think it kind of rocks. If you use it correctly, your skin will thank you. Here’s the Pureman play by play of how to use Tend Skin for the best results.

  1. First things first. When you’re applying tend skin, we suggest using a cotton ball/pad or similar application item. Something that is gentle on your skin and properly applies the liquid.
  2. Use only a thin coat, there is no need to soak your face, etc. A little goes a long way. Sidenote, it can also be used as a cleaner or astringent as it can get in there and help remove excess dirt and oils!
  3. When you’re shaving, be sure you’re using a fresh, sharp blade. Dull blades add to skin irritation. After you’ve shaved, dry your face and apply the product. You can use moisturizer, cologne, etc. on your skin after you’ve used Tend Skin, just wait ten seconds or so, so it can set and dry.
  4. If you are trying to get rid of existing razor burn or bumps or ingrown hairs, be sure to apply as part of your nighttime skin ritual as well. Once the current irritation clears up, you can start applying only once a day after your shave.
  5. For the waxers in the room, spread on a bit of Tend Skin before your wax and it will ease the pain as it keeps the wax from pulling the skin along with the hair. Afterwards, apply again to help with any redness and bumps caused by waxing.
  6. In every case, apply Tend Skin regularly, even after skin looks awesome! You don’t want to lose that clear skin glow!

Go glow, Puremen (and Purewomen).

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