Pureman Pillowtalk: Why Sleep is So Important

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Nearly half of Australian adults don’t get enough sleep.
Pureman shares why getting enough shut eye is so important.

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How often have you woken up after a restless sleep, feeling like you’re dragging, with eyes burning and brain in a fog? Australia’s Sleep Health Foundation reveals that 33-45% of Australian adults don’t sleep enough. Pureman wants you to know how poor sleep habits can impact your health and happiness so you can make the necessary changes to live a fuller and more healthy life.

  1. Greater risk of diseases such as stroke and heart disease, as well as type 2 diabetes can occur when you consistently don’t allow your body to sleep and heal as it should. Individuals are also more at risk to suffer from depression when they struggle with sleep deprivation or poor quality sleep.

  2. Productivity in your day to day, whether it be at home or at work, is heightened when you’ve had a proper sleep. It takes extra effort to focus your mind, remain clear headed and stay organized when you are not rested. More sleep means more can get accomplished.

  3. Obesity can become a sleep issue as it can link to lack of incentive and lack of exercise. When you are overtired it becomes much more difficult to motivate yourself into action.

  4. Social life plays a role in your overall happiness, but when you aren’t rested you are less inclined to reach out to others and spend time in social settings, putting a damper on what could potentially be a fulfilling and happy event.

  5. Stress levels are reduced when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. When running on fumes, dealing with problems at work or at home become more daunting and more difficult to logically deal with. More rest allows you to take on daily stressors with a clear and focused mind.

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