Pureman’s Guide on How to Recover From the Holiday Season

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After a month of excess and Christmas giving, it’s time to give back to yourself. Here’s Pureman’s guide on how to recover from the holiday season.
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Mates. You’re nearly there. The Christmas drinks, lunches, dinners, get-togethers, parties, family gatherings (and on and on…) are almost at an end. Look, we enjoy a cheeky cocktail and a catch up with friends and family as much as the next guy. But whew, it can get crazy up in December! Perhaps you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll just suck it up and go full steam ahead for the month. Maybe you were able to say no here and there but overindulged for the ‘yes’ events and so you’re paying for it just the same. Whatever the case may be, the holidays, as joyous as they can be, are also unbelievably exhausting! So when January 1st rolls around, you’re about ready for a holiday from your to prepare you for that time and remind you that you will survive and start the year off feeling human again, here’s Pureman’s guide on how to recover from the holiday season.

Take a break. A proper one.

Over the holidays everyone says they have a few days off. Sure. We believe that. But that’s a few days off from work, from answering emails and meeting deadlines. Let’s be honest, it isn’t a break from the demands of other people. Chances are you’re still getting pulled every which way to get to one cousin’s dinner party, your Mum’s pot roast Sunday dinner, your friends’ cocktails. And from our experience that can be even more tiring than the workday grind. We’re not saying it isn’t also enjoyable. But it takes a toll, all of that socializing, eating, drinking and being merry. So when the merry-merry is finished for the season: Take. A. Break. You don’t owe anything to anyone. Take care of you post-holidays.

Turn off your phone.

You sent all the Merry Christmas texts. Caught up with friends and family on FaceTime or Whatsapp overseas. Checked your emails. Browsed your Google newsfeed when your aunties started talking about their favourite casserole. Now it’s time to put the phone away and reconnect with yourself and the wonderful, natural world around you. Go for a walk. Take in the gorgeous sights around you. Pack a picnic. Whatever you decide, just turn off your phone and breathe. It’ll help bring your energy levels up and you’ll be feeling that happy, connected (to reality) feeling again in no time! 

Exercise. But chill exercise.

Pants feeling a little tighter than normal? Maybe you, like most human beings over the holiday season, overindulged a wee bit. Well now it’s time to start getting yourself back on track and feeling healthy in body and in mind once again. We get that you’re probably a bit tired, so go slowly. Take a yoga class. Go for a long walk or hike or hit the pool for a swim. Let yourself breathe and get that wonderful dopamine flowing, mate.

Go to bed early.

After all of the runaround and late night festive cocktails, cut yourself some slack and allow yourself the absolute pleasure of crawling into bed nice and early with a good book. How good does that sound?


We’re not talking about weird cayenne and maple syrup cleanses. We just mean cool it on the booze, go back to moderation when it comes to portion sizes and maybe throw in fewer desserts and more veggies. Your body will love you for it. We promise.

Just say no January.

After being an absolute ‘yes’ person for the last month and giving of yourself to everyone else, January can most certainly be dubbed the month of ‘no’. It’s absolutely ok to allow yourself a few weeks of no obligations or plans outside of the normal workday hours you kind-sorta have to work. Clear your calendar. If you decide last minute you’re up for something, then go for it. Otherwise, relish in the fact that you can have a whole month of Netflix binging and time to exercise. Because you know, balance.


Through all of this holiday chaos, the good and the stressful, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate all that you have. All of those family get togethers, the catch ups with old friends and the opportunities to reconnect are reasons to be grateful. The quiet time between the gatherings and the rest that follows are perfect little moments to remind yourself that life is pretty darn good. How lucky are we?

Happy 2020, mates. 

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