Pureman Feature: Fulton and Roark, Men’s Fragrances and Grooming Essentials

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Pureman shares a bit of the story and background of Fulton and Roark, men’s fragrances and grooming essentials
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Established in 2013 by Kevin Keller and Allen Shafer and named after the co-founders’ dogs, Fulton and Roark ran with a simple and sumptuous philosophy: if it doesn’t smell great, we’re not interested. Keller came from a journalism background, while Shafer was a coffee roaster, and both had a head for business. So why not shake up men’s grooming?! Here at Pureman, we’re great fans of Fulton and Roark’s men’s fragrances and grooming essentials. They’ve taken the travel and grooming world by storm by collecting “all of the artistry and ingredients of the finest traditional spray colognes, and reimagin[ing] them in a sleek, modern, travel-friendly format.” 

Based out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, this company understands that men’s grooming isn’t simply about a shower in the morning before you run out the door. They take your grooming routine and help make it more enjoyable. The Fulton and Roark face wash and soaps are energising and refreshing. Their solid colognes are made to last. The fragrances compliment any man and the tin casing makes it easy to travel with these awesome scents, allowing you to reapply in time for that lunch meeting or those post-work cocktails. These guys have done their homework, from researching the most invigorating variety of eucalyptus to the best formulation for exfoliation. And they’ve been recognized for their dedication and quality products, winning product of the year awards from Men’s Health and GQ. We’re big fans, and we have a collection of their products to show for it. 

Fulton and Roark Face Wash: This lovely liquid was designed to cleanse and condition your skin without drying it out, leaving your face perfectly balanced and refreshed. Eucalyptus keeps your skin feeling cool and invigorated, lemon verbena and green tea helps to tone and moisturise and a gentle fragrance leaves you feeling just that little bit more ready for the day.

Fulton and Roark Bar Soap: Your everyday cleansing bar awaits. This awesome soap is made with rhassoul (Morrocan red clay) to help absorb excess oil, dust and dead skin, tighten your pores and leave your face feeling smooth and soft. It’s also made with oat flour for light and gentle exfoliation and shea and cocoa butters to hydrate and soften. Black spruce, sage and eucalyptus lather and create a rejuvenating scent to leave you feeling clean and bright all day.

Fulton and Roark Shave Cream: A GQ Men’s Grooming Winner, this brilliant shave cream was created to give you a close, gentle, friction free shave. Ultra slick with no foam, it provides a layer of protection between your skin and the razor blade. The highly concentrated formulation goes a long way and the blend of tea tree, jojoba, avocado and citrus oils are perfectly moisturising. Ginger grass, spearmint and bergamot make for a refreshing and delightful shaving experience.

Fulton and Roark After Shave Cloths: These 100% cotton cloths are soft, gentle and made with Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree and Sage. They give your freshly shorn face a cool, invigorating and refreshing cleanse to tone and heal, and they’re great for home or to take with you on the road. Perfection.

Okay, let’s get down to what Fulton and Roark is really about - their killer solid colognes. These bad boys are made to last, there is no spill and no mess, if you drop the tin there’s no imminent glass-bottle-shattering disaster. We’d also like to note that each cologne ‘square’ is made with an amazing wax blend of microcrystalline wax and coconut oil and of course, premium quality essential oils. You can grab them and go and stay smelling delightful all day and night. How good is that?

Fulton and Roark Solid Cologne in Hatteras: This team has a handful of scents to delight the senses. Hatteras is fresh and green with a light spice. It’s that sportier, masculine scent and offers a long lasting and steady fragrance. It’s also named after a nearly 50 mile stretch of island. Who doesn’t love an island?

Fulton and Roark Solid Cologne in Tybee: Named after another island (so good) this one off the coast of Georgia, Tybee is a scrumptious white musk accented with cedar and rosewood.

Fulton and Roark Solid Cologne in Shackleford: Named after - you guest it! - an island that’s part of the outer banks of North Carolina, this lovely scent is a warm, rich blend of sandalwood and amber. Our bestseller of the collection, if you miss out add your name to the list so we can get it to you! It’s worth the wait.

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