Pureman Chats with Brickell's Founder, Josh Meyer

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1. Josh, who are you? We want know.
A 32 year old man who was raised in a tiny (population 600 people) town in Maine, USA but currently resides in beautiful Miami. I enjoy traveling, fitness, boating and spending time with friends. 
2. What led you to your interest in men’s grooming?
An ex girlfriend and I took a photo together and she buffed out some of my forehead wrinkles. Made me realize I should probably take better care of my skin.
3. Was there a specific moment or memory when Brickell was realized?
I wouldn't say there was a specific moment but after a few weeks of research, it was obvious the men's grooming market was missing a premium natural & organic option. Anything close felt too unisex or just plain bad marketing.
4. As a men’s grooming and skincare champion, we want to know your grooming rituals. When you wake up. When you go to bed. Date night. Annnd go.
I keep it pretty basic or else I will get lazy. I take a shower with our Fresh Mint Rapid Wash each morning and before bed. I then use our Purifying Charcoal Face Wash and Daily Essential Face Moisturizer. If I have a meeting or a date, I will probably use our Reviving Day Serum underneath our face moisturizer, along with our Restoring Eye Balm. Usually once a week I'll use our Purifying Charcoal Face Mask or Renewing Face Scrub to polish up my face. A lot of guys buy a ton of product and never use them. Get the basics and get into a ritual of using them.
5. What inspires your product ingredients/recipes? Are there certain scents and organics that you prefer?
Keeping our products as natural & organic as possible is paramount. We are always looking to incorporate the latest in "green science". Many companies say they're natural & organic, but if you do some quick Googling of their ingredients, you'll see they aren't. We never want this to be the case with ours. We try to use certified organic ingredients when possible and most of our products have a "minty" scent as this is most popular with men.
6. Do you have a favourite product that you use?
I have a few but our Purifying Charcoal Face Wash and Daily Essential Face Moisturizer compete for my #1 spot. 
7. If there is only one Brickell product someone should have in their cabinet, what would it be and why?
Our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer. It helps keep the skin firm and hydrated, while giving anti aging benefits as well. People love this product and it's our #1 best seller.
8. Where does the name Brickell come from?
Brickell is an area of Miami. It's a vibrant downtown area filled with brand new skyscrapers, restaurants, bars, and nightlife, all against a beautiful blue ocean backdrop. 
9. Can you give us a sneak peek as to what we can expect next from Brickell?
A face moisturizer with sunscreen and more anti aging products (our biggest requests).
10. What are you currently binging on Netflix?
Entourage. I never watched it back when it was popular and I'm hooked!

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