Pureman’s Best Hairstyle and Beard Combinations

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Pureman likes to keep men looking and feeling sharp. That’s why we’re taking the time to introduce you to the best hairstyle and beard combinations to rock no matter your style preference.
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We all know that style and fashion trends come and go with the times. One season, plaid is all the rage, the next, you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything resembling tartan. But when it comes to men’s grooming and hair styles, one thing remains the same. If you want to rock a beard, you have to do it right. So Pureman is keeping you trendy by telling you about the best hairstyle and beard combinations to explore. Believe it or not, you should not just mix and match any old hair style with any old type of beard. There is a method to the madness that is men’s hair and beard styling. So giddyup.


If you are a fan of the longish, messy hairstyle for men, we imagine you like to keep it real. Perhaps you’re a bit outdoorsy. Maybe you like to spend time in the surf. If you also like to rock a beard, we have good news for you. Your hairstyle completely allows for that shaggy, a little uneven, just grew a beard and I don’t care look. The messy hair and the carefree beard compliment each other. Just don’t go letting the beard get too wild and overgrown. Give it a good ol’ trim if it starts to get a mind of its own. Need a product to help tame the manes? Try something like the Black Chicken Remedies Beard Oil to help tame the frizz as well as any itching and irritation your beard can cause. Just rub a few drops into your hands and apply from the neck, pulling the oil through your beard to give your skin and facial hair some love. Organic cedarwood is a natural antiseptic and helps calm the skin, organic camellia tea soothes skin irritation and itching, organic jojoba softens and moisturises both your skin and hair and vitamin E improves circulation to stimulate hair growth. Seriously awesome stuff.

Need something to help rangle in the shaggy style just the right amount? The Baxter of California Soft Water Pomade is non greasy, and because it is water based it has flexible hold that washes out easily for a quick and perfectly messy restyle the next day.


The side part is one of the most classic hairstyles with beards. Decade after decade, it wins the style hearts of men and women alike. In all honesty, it’s tough to mess up this brilliant classic, you can go with the 5 o’clock shadow, a bit of a rugged beard, even no beard at all. As long as you keep your side part well maintained and clean, the beard will add an extra dimension based on the look you’re going for. Debonair? Clean shaven. City Boy-Country Boy? 5 o’clock shadow. Tom Hardy? Give the beard a little freedom to be its own man. You get the gist. Brickell’s Flexible Hold Wax Pomade will be just the trick to help you keep that part in check while also maintaining whatever style of beard you choose to roll with at the time. It provides, as the name states, a flexible hold and has a natural shine finish. It also helps condition the hair and encourages growth. Added bonus, you can use it to help style, tame and condition your beard, as well! And you can’t go wrong with the awesome peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass oils blend for a delectable and refreshing scent. Triple win.


This staple style was first made popular in the 1930s. Now, many think of it as the Peaky Blinders hairstyle. Whatever you want to call it, the style goes the extra mile with a beard. From long and bushy to short with a matching length undercut and beard, this look is becoming standard for men looking for style with a touch of edge. Test run the American Crew Pomade for gloss and shine without stiffness. This bad boy stays pliable and helps control curl and frizz.


Bald is also a style choice. Don’t argue with us on this. Ok, well for some it isn’t so much a choice as Mother Nature gracing you with her gifts. Either way, bald with a beard is the way we like to roll. Let the beard choose you, mate. Let it choose you. This look is ultimate manliness, so let it grow or keep it maintained, either way you’ll look excellent. Give your beard some extra love with Penhaligon’s Sartorial Beard Oil for hydration in your hair and on your skin, great conditioning to keep your beard soft and for a delicious lingering scent for whomever gets closest to you to enjoy.

Be your own man and find the hairstyle and beard combo that works best for you. Grow it. Style it. We applaud you, Sir.

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