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1. Go-To Shoe

Every man needs a workhorse shoe: A steady shoe that is versatile enough to be worn wherever your average day may take you. A classic brown leather brogue is the ideal shoe style that can take you from work, to a meeting and even drinks and dinner after work. We recommend a richer brown, like tan or chocolate that is lower maintenance, and works with colours you probably already own like shades of grey and blue. This style also pairs perfectly with casual jean just as well as it works for a smart-casual outfit.

2. All Dressed Up

A modern man needs to be prepared for any occasion, including formal events that require a little more effort. The perfect occasion shoe is undoubtedly the timeless Oxford, best purchased in classic black leather. You can’t go wrong when pairing this sleek and sophisticated style with a perfectly tailored grey, black or navy suit.

3. Boots & All

A steady and sturdy pair of boots isn’t just reserved for hikers and cowboys; they’re also ideal for the guy on the move who’s after utility, durability and comfort. A good boot is the middle ground between easy-to-wear sneakers, and a simple go-to shoe that is resilient and hard-wearing enough to take you through various terrain with ease. Wear them to work, or dress them down on the weekend with jeans and a tee. Plus, they’ll come in handy for the cooler winter months, so this is truly a year-round and valuable purchase.

4. Cool & Casual

In recent years, streetwear trends have slowly been creeping their way into mainstream fashion, with sneakers at the forefront of this fused style. There are so many trainer styles to chose from, but none more stylish and versatile than a pair of white low-top sneakers (think Adidas Stan Smith or classic white Vans): They slant towards streetwear edge while still oozing sleek sophistication that is easily dressed up or down.

5. Loafing Around

A loafer offers a classic and refined style that is easy to slip on and off, ideal for a preppy edge to a smart-casual look. Even though they have no laces, they still manage to make the cut as a stylish and comfortable shoe. For maximum value, invest in a versatile colour like tan brown, and a breathable material like suede (tread carefully, though – suede can be difficult to keep clean).

Shoe Tip #1: Caring for your shoes will help them age gracefully and give you more wear out of a great pair! Keep them looking outstanding with the Gentlemen’s Hardware No.7 Buff And Shine Kit

Shoe Tip #2: New shoes that are yet to be worn in can be stiff and rigid at first, especially some types of genuine leather. Instead of trading up to a size that may feel uncomfortable and look ill fitting, purchase a tool like the Redecker Duck Shoehorn to help you slip into your chosen style.

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