Pigeon and Weasel Are All About Holiday Gift Giving

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If you’re feeling stuck and absolutely unsure about what to gift your loved one, your Kris Kringle or your boss this holiday season, let us introduce you to a great bunch of mates. Pigeon and Weasel are all about holiday gift giving.
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Let’s talk nice things. It’s that time of year where many individuals have to buy gifts for the people in their lives that enjoy a lovely scent, a relaxing glow and a rejuvenating cleanse of the senses. Or, let’s be honest, sometimes we just don’t know what to buy. Whichever gift giving category you find yourself in, enter Pigeon and Weasel. They’re the bomb. Pigeon and Weasel are all about holiday gift giving in the sense that they provide comfort, relaxation and that little bit of extra ‘ahhhhh’ when it’s needed the most.

Let us take you back to 2008...many moons ago when Harrison Ford made the grievous error of bringing back Indiana Jones and Miley Cyrus shed her Hannah Montana innocence on the cover of Vanity Fair. At the same time as these epic pop culture highlights were occurring, a couple of mates “launched a humble candle range, made in hand cut beer bottles, in Sydney, Australia”. The bottles are collected at local bars and restaurants in and around Sydney, from there they take off the labels and give ‘em a good clean, cut and polish. They pop in a cotton wick and pour in their perfect blend of soy wax and oil. These candles are all handmade with love and grit. Since Pigeon and Weasel have been around, beer bottle candles have become pretty damn cool, but nobody does them quite like these guys. They look awesome, they smell terrific and you’re supporting some of that eco upcycling we love so much! Doesn’t get much better than that.

When you’re gifting candles, you want them to be quality. You want them to last and you want that scent to linger. Pigeon and Weasel only use the highest quality soy waxes and the best fragrance oils. These guys are unique, high end and are a totally grass roots company. We support that! So without further ado, have a look at some of these tantalising Pigeon and Weasel holiday gift ideas.

Classic Vanilla Longneck Candle: The longneck soy candles get over 100 hours of burn time. That’s a win. The scent of vanilla will give your lucky recipient a taste of holiday baking. If relaxing is more their style, the black lavender scent could be for them. Feeling the chaos of the holidays? Then have a tropical island escape with the coconut lime scented longneck candle. If chai is their bag, they’ve got that, too.

Sweet Pea Stubbie Candle: for a solid 40 hour burn time, this stubbie is a great gift to package with a holiday gift bag to show the love. The scent gives off that romantic, outdoor freshness. It has hints of jasmine, apple, watermelon and cucumber. Just yum. Lavender, linen and vanilla are also on the table as options in stubbie size.

If candles aren’t your bag, we won’t judge. Pigeon and Weasel also offer scented reed diffusers. If you don’t know what that is, let us help clarify. Reed diffusers are awesome ways to bring life and fragrance into a room without having to use a flame. You simply have to put the reed (or stick) into the scented oil and it seeps into the reed which then dispurses the fragrance into the air. Pretty simple, right? But equally effective.

Nordic Pine Diffuser: If your loved one is a fan of that woodsy, rustic experience, this is your go-to. Enjoy a fragrant escape to the surroundings of pine, fir and birch. Prefer vanilla? How about coconut lime? Pigeon and Weasel have an assortment of scents to cover all the fragrant escapes you or your loved one may need.

Red Frogs: Need we say more? Bring it back to childhood with stubbies, longneck candles and reed diffusers that throw you right back to birthday parties and lolly bags, trips to the milkbar with your mates and that tangy sweet raspberry goodness. Nostalgia, anyone?

As you can see, we love us some Pigeon and Weasel. But we understand if fragrances aren’t the gift you want to go for. If you’re looking for something a little different, Pureman has a great selection to choose from. If you’re gifting to a gent who’s into fashion and style, check out Dapper Vigilante’s collection of belts, ties and lapel pins. Sturdy and fashion forward with the perfect amount of colour for that extra statement. 

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