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Building a community. This is something that we here at Pureman truly believe in. Firstly, we love that our shop has regulars. That we get to run into our people on the street, at the coffee shop, in between running errands. You shoot the poop, maybe briefly. But when you catch up with someone from your posse of people, it’s always meaningful, no matter how brief it is. Maybe you learn about an event that’s going on that you’d be into (they’re in a rush to pick up tickets), maybe they tell you something that’s going on with them that’s really weird, then you get some interesting water cooler chat to share at work the next day… whatever it is, it’s being out and about in your world, engaging with people, that leads to being part of a community. So today, we want to tell you something about something super cool, Australian, and is all about its community.

Gentleman’s Brand Co.

From their site: “Designed, manufactured and formulated on the east coast of Australia, Gentleman’s Brand Company celebrates the lush Australian landscape and its incredibly rich, native ingredients and extracts”. No parabens, sulphates, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances or animal derived ingredients. Simple designs. Super cool story, amazing founders. We’re beyond impressed with their story and their stuff. Do yourself a favour, and check out their site.

All of their stuff is amazing, but we’ve been on this bathroom kick here are Pureman. That’s where the grooming magic happens, after all. I’m going to recommend the handwash and moisturizer combo for your #gentsmancave. Keep these next to your sink, and you and your guests will be happier for it. The moisturizer can be used for face, hands, or body. And the handwash is perfect – it keeps you from having to worry about a bar of soap getting gross in its dish. Both products also look amazing out on your counter.

So why do we love local stuff so much? Here are a couple of things to consider:

Thoughtful Presents

When you gift something local to someone, you get to tell them: “Check this thing I found out. These reasons. These people make it. Came across it at this place. Thought you’d like it for this reason.” You pay their thoughtful story forward. And bonus: you’ll probably buy two of whatever it is, and you end up with a nice selfie (present for yourself, that is).

Local Intel

When you’re traveling, you like knowing what the local gems are, don’t you? Local hotspots, restaurants, experiences, foods, etc. etc. Gentleman’s Brand Co. is an authentically Aussie product, from concept to production. Tell your Scottish buddy who’s visiting about it. Mention it to a friend to include it as part of his groomsmen’s gift for his destination wedding. This product is part of the Australian grooming, design, and entrepreneurial communities. Support that however you can.

At the end of day, we remind you of this: you’re part of our Pureman community. Whether it’s part of our physical space, or our online community, you’re part of something bigger than you. You’re part of a league of Puremen, near and far, who pride themselves on being gentlemen with good style, who give back, and are smart and thoughtful in shopping and in life.

Australian Made Community Shop local

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