Pureman Introduces their Newest Men’s Grooming Brand: Marram Co.

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“Marram want to change the way men feel about shaving, and the way that they actually shave, forever.” Pureman introduces their newest men’s grooming brand, Marram Co

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As a company that feels strongly about the art and ritual in men’s grooming, Pureman is always on the lookout for brands and products that stand out from the crowd. Recently, we’ve had the good fortune to team up with an amazing brand that accomplishes all of the above with finesse and style. With a dash of incredible goodwill. Pureman is happy to introduce their newest men’s grooming brand, Marram Co.

Marram Co was founded by Irish married power couple James and Jude Jarvis. The Marram Co mission is essentially to indulge in and enjoy the short few moments you have while you shave, before you begin your day or before your night out. Marram Co prides itself in helping men eliminate the common, sometimes painful sensitive skin problems that go hand in hand with shaving and instead find the pleasure in the shave, no matter their mood. They even have 8 different shaving creams to match whatever mood you may be in at the time! They create precise, handsomely crafted and brilliantly engineered shaving tools and rule by Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” There are no quick fixes or easy outs for Marram. They prepare for pleasure  in your shave.

The shaving tools themselves are functional, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing, they’re also developed by a “cutting-edge manufacturer of the World's most innovative and dynamic microscopes used by engineers and scientists across a wide range of industries”. Marram Co also has their very own “clinical formulator”, Colleen, to create scents that can benefit your mind and your skin. With only natural ingredients and essential oils, Colleen uses her amazing alchemical skills to bring you scents as experience, whatever your mood.

Of course, we at Pureman are suckers for brilliant quality men’s grooming experiences, but perhaps the best thing that helps make Marram Co stand out from the competition is their Marram Co Foundation. A percentage of their profits goes to the Marram Foundation every year, in order to award grants to young people to help them prepare themselves so they can change the world for the better.

Check out some of the Marram Co products that we sell and some they sell that we hope to have soon! You’re going to love what they have on offer. They’re free from harmful chemicals, additives and perfumes, which are the awful things that can cause your face to sting.

Wake Up Call Shaving Cream: Made with pure, organic essential oils make for a gentle, revitalising shave cream. This aroma is filled with vetiver, laurel leaf and lime. Vetiver is great for circulation, laurel leaf can help with cold and flu symptoms (talk about a healthy shave!) and lime is oh, so rejuvenating.

Night Out Shaving Cream: Will help liven you up for your night out. With a hint of spice, the essential oils in this awesome cream are juniper, blood orange and black pepper. Juniper has antiseptic qualities, blood orange helps stimulate an uplifted and optimistic mood and black pepper helps to detoxify and assist with circulation.

Power Up Shaving Cream: Both stimulating and cooling, this shave cream contains essential oils from peppermint, lemongrass and lavandin which can help boost focus, stress relief and mental strength, respectively. Great post workout or for a kick in the pants wake up.

You’ve Got This Shaving Cream: Pine needle, balsam copaiba and fir help to balance, renew and smooth your skin by fighting the effects of free radicals. The essential oils also offer aromas to give you that extra boost of resilience and strength to face a busy day ahead.

Time Out Shaving Cream: Great to help relieve that sense of overwhelm when you just need a moment to relax and recover. Awesome properties are found in the basil, thyme, vulgaris and cardamom essential oils. These pure and organic oils will gently tackle anxiety and stress while they also help to cleanse, detox and brighten skin that needs a little extra tlc.

Brass Safety Razor: The head and neck of this beauty are manufactured from solid brass. The handle is perfectly formed for your hand and the razor is ideal for a clean, more responsive shave.

Pop: Marram Co’s collection of bright, hip and lightweight brush and bowl packs are super convenient and come with a zip up travel case. The bowl is collapsible for easy travel and still offers great friction for the perfect lather. The brush is both modern and durable. And let’s face it, with a great colour collection, it helps to make shaving just that little bit more enjoyable...

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