New Year, New Resolutions as We Look Back on 2017

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As we bid farewell to 2017, we look back at the year past. We look at what has happened around us, overseas and in our own lives. Certainly, there are positives and negatives as there are with each year that passes. Australia may have some darkness that has yet to be corrected and healed; Manus island refugees are still suffering in limbo, the dual citizenship drama that gripped the nation has been embarrassing to watch while other issues sit in wait to be addressed. The 2017 climate change policy review showed some frightening data of new annual emissions projections. The scorching #metoo campaign touched our shores with the news of Don Burke’s sexual harassment accusations, though the firestorm in America has been blazing. But at least we don’t have Donald Trump as a president! Denial of climate change, picking fights with global leaders sitting on nuclear weapons, Muslim bans, white supremacy rallys, the erosion of Hollywood...not to mention a number of natural disasters. It’s enough to make anyone start a swim across the ocean to safer shores.

Listening to the daily news on our radio dial, we have to count ourselves lucky - despite the fact that we are still working on bettering ourselves - to live in The Lucky Country. Yes, there is darkness. But this year we also celebrated in big, glorious rainbow colours as we legalized same sex marriage and acknowledged that love, and the celebration of legally recognizing that love, is a right that every human being deserves. We hope that 2018 brings more of that joy and positivity in our headlines and to global headlines, as well. All of this looking out brings me to looking in…

With so much going on daily in the world around us, it is easy to turn on the news and suddenly begin to realize that our lives are not so bad. The things that we find ourselves concerned with are things that we may need to take a step back from and revisit with fresh eyes. Our personal 2017’s may have held sadness or difficulty. They may also have held great joy, laughter and adventure. But what we ought to think about as we review and prepare our resolutions for 2018 is this: We have one life to live and a limited time in which to fully live it. Taking a healthier, less self-indulgent approach to that oh, so popular “exercise more / drink less” resolution is a more sensible way to go and is good for your wellbeing in the long run. Physical health does correlate to mental health and wellbeing. But don’t forget to focus on connecting more with family and friends. On the fact that we’re alive and there is a whole world to be explored. Destress, declutter and find joy in both the little things and the big. Laugh your ass off. Throw yourself into your life!

Now start writing that list of resolutions and remember how lucky we are to be here. Make them brilliant and joyful. And remember, every moment not fully lived is a moment wasted.

Happy New Year, Mates.

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