Introducing the Charcoal Mud Mask, the face mask that will change your skin forever

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Reposted with permission from Hunter Lab.

The Hunter Lab Charcoal Mud Mask provides intense detoxification, purifying skin whilst soothing and hydrating through its super natural formulation. You can expect a clearer, smoother, more radiant complexion as impurities are lifted away and powerful anti-inflammatory actives are infused into your skin.

Crafted with activated bamboo charcoal, bentonite and kaoline clay to deeply cleanse pores and remove impurities, and injected with aloe vera, vitamin a and e to hydrate, sooth, purify and nourish the skin.The result is a skin detoxifying cleanse to help improve the appearance of dry and damaged skin

Step One
Apply charcoal mud mask to clean, dry skin.

Step Two
Massage into skin to cover all areas evenly

Step Three
Allow to dry for 5 – 10 minutes

Step Four
Rinse clean and follow with Daily Face Fuel to nourish and hydrate the skin

The result – clearer, smoother more radiant skin

Photo Credit: @hunterlab

Jack - Charcoal Mud Mask [Landscape] from Hunter Lab on Vimeo.

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