How to Rock A Suit That’s Perfect for Your Body Type

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No matter your shape or style preference, every man needs a sharp suit in their wardrobe arsenal. Read on to find out how to rock a suit that’s perfect for your body type.
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Every man is different. Every man has different tastes, different styles, fashion preferences, comfort levels and interests. Maybe you’re more of a thongs, t-shirts and brews kind of guy. Maybe you’re a fan of chinos and a sharp white pair of sneakers and a sidecar is your beverage of choice at the end of a long work week. Maybe you’ve found yourself in a position where you can don your favourite duds the majority of the time. If that’s the case, you’re a lucky bloke. But let’s be honest with each other, here. Every man, no matter their preferences, needs to have at least one sharp, flattering and well-fitting suit. Most of the time this bad boy will be tailor made for that perfect fit. Not sure what to look for? Let’s get started. This is how to rock a suit that’s perfect for your body type.

The Taller Bloke

If you’re on the tall side of the height spectrum there are a few things you can keep in mind to stay cool.  And by cool we mean looking ace. The last thing you want is a suit that leaves your wrists and ankles showing off to the world. Your suit jacket sleeve should land right above your wrist bone. That being said, you want your shirt sleeve to hit at the base of your hand for the best fit. This goes for any man, of any shape or size. It’s just a bit harder to accomplish for the taller gents with the longer limbs. Don’t wear a jacket that’s cropped, it’ll make you look like you’ve grown out of your suit. Extra shoulder padding will make you look a little lost so keep the fit sans large pads.

For the tall man’s suit pants, you’re going to want a full break. The pant break is the amount of material that sits on the top of your shoe when you’re standing normally. More material for the tall man tends to be a bit better as if gives a more proportioned look. When you choose a tie, don’t make it slim. You don’t want to elongate an already long torso. Got it? Good.

The Shorter Bloke

For the gent that’s just a little bit shorter than average, a suit jacket with two buttons will help keep the torso looking longer. Don’t mess with suits that are mix and match. Stick to one solid colour in the form of a matching jacket and pants and give yourself the illusion of looking longer. Pants that are a little more tapered at the ankle will also help you with that illusion of extra height.

The Athletic Bloke

Lucky you. You’ve got that easy to balance, easy to dress build. You can play with colours, play with cuts, play with textures and designs. The suit world is your proverbial oyster! Don’t be afraid to experiment. But safe bets are slim or European cuts (though not too slim), you can accentuate that excellent physique. Just don’t get too top heavy with lapels and pads. You’re sharp just the way you are.

The More Slender Bloke

Not always an easy task, the perfect suit for the more slender man has a few rules to abide by for that fashionable fit. A double breasted suit can add a little more to your frame, while a sharp, more slender lapel blends nicely with your natural proportions. Don’t wear a suit that hugs your body or else you’re making your slender frame the focus of far too much attention. Avoid stripes, don’t be afraid to layer up (but don’t bulk up) and feel free to find a shirt that has a bit of a pattern, even floral, to give off a little bit of extra depth to your thinner frame.

The Larger Bloke

Don’t go checkers, don’t go patterns. You want a solid colour that keeps it simple, preferably a darker colour that will slim down your frame a little. Bigger, sagging clothes will make you look larger. They won’t hide your physique, they’ll accentuate it. You want the perfect blend of loose fit without being baggy. Keep the pants a slim, not skinny, fit. Lightweight, clean cuts look suave and a pair of suspenders are a sharp, trendy accessory that allow you to avoid that belt-cutting-through-your-waistline look. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be looking and feeling suave in no time!

Happy Shopping, mates!


Photo Credit: Eliud Gil @unsplash

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