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With Movember officially underway and gentleman ready and eager to do their part, Pureman is here to teach each gent how to grow a mo with style and aplomb.

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So you’ve decided to grow a moustache to help raise money and awareness for Movember. We applaud you, Sirs. Afterall, helping others is good for the soul and Movember is the perfect excuse to grow that facial hair you’ve always wanted. It’s a far more respectable reason than, “Tom Selleck was the MAN in Magnum PI!”

Time and patience, dear fellow, is your best friend while you grow your mo. We’d suggest growing out a beard in the beginning, so you don’t begin your venture looking like a prepubescent in the early stages, which may discourage you before you even give your mo a real go! Keep your growing beard maintained; trim the stray hairs and keep the unrulies in line. Feel free to use a beard oil like Brickell Beard Oil to keep your skin and hair soft and easy to manage. This will also help get rid of any itching that you have during that awkward growth stage.

Once you’ve grown out your facial hair to a place of confidence, you’ve got to decide: What moustache am I going to rock? This sometimes comes to your face shape. Fuller moustaches work best on men with fuller faces and more prominent jawlines (Think Tom Selleck and Ron Swanson). But if you have a narrow face you don’t want the mo to overwhelm. Think pencil moustache to help give your jawline a boost (Errol Flynn and Clark Gable).

Prep the gear. You need to be sure you have the proper equipment to shave or trim, depending on what you’re going for. If you’re uncertain about trimming and styling yourself, It’s best to go to a barber for the first reveal so you don’t start off on the wrong foot! All that hard work shouldn’t lead to a wonky moustache. Have a pro prep your mo. Then, you can maintain it from there. A proper razor and facial hair scissors are necessary. Our Proraso moustache and beard kit has a great comb as well as oil and wax for a great mo maintenance set up.

Once you’ve got your moustache in prime condition, all that you have left to do is rock it with pride.

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