How to Grow a Beard This Winter: Part 2

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Pureman continues to look at how to grow and maintain
a soft, healthy beard while staying stylin’
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Now that you’ve taken the time to explore some beard oils to get you through that awkward itching stage and know that your beard is growing full and patch free, check out these final tips.

Wash Your Beard

It’s hair. On your face. Let’s be real, you get food in it, you sweat, that beard gets a lot of action. So you need to keep it clean! A shampoo and conditioning around twice a week should do the trick to keep you smelling fresh and looking and feeling soft. Proraso’s Beard Wash shampoos and softens if you’re looking to save time in the shower. If you have an extra moment, try using a gentle shampoo and conditioner such as Baxter of California’s Daily Protein Shampoo followed by Baxter of California’s Daily Moisturising Conditioner. Don’t forget to use a quality beard oil to keep it soft so it doesn’t poke and scratch when you get close to that special someone.

Trim it Right

The last thing you want is to be stuck in the 90s with a bad goatee, a scraggly homeless beard or - gasp - a neck beard. Trim it right. You want to maintain a smooth and casually manicured look without having unattractive hairs that stick out. Allow your beard to grow to whatever length you’re comfortable with, but work on trimming it in such a way that it gently fades at your neckline so it becomes a clean yet masculine finish to your beard. Lastly, use a good pair of facial hair scissors to trim that moustache so it doesn’t take over your lip.

Now grow a beard and make us proud.

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