How to Grow a Beard This Winter

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Pureman looks at how to grow and maintain
a soft, healthy beard while staying stylin’

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With winter just around the corner, many men take the cooler temperatures as an opportunity to make a style change. In the men’s grooming world, this often constitutes growing a beard. While beards can look hip, sophisticated and fashionable, if one isn’t careful they can easily become the kind of beard that makes you look dirty and unkept. We suggest you steer clear of that look. So, to keep you looking and feeling manly and suave, Pureman wants to share some tips and tricks on how to grow the perfect beard this winter. This one’s a two parter, so sit tight!

Be Honest with Yourself

We hate to break it to you, mates, but some of you just don’t have that facial hair to go full beard. If you cannot, stubble and shadow or a shave is your friend. And that is ok! We love those looks. But if you can grow a full and patch free face of fur, read on.

It Will Itch

This is a fact. Accept it. Growing out a beard takes time and there will be a stage where you want to scratch. And scratch. This is normal and you have to push through it. Brush your beard and try a beard softening oil like Brickell’s natural and organic Beard Oil. This softens and conditions the hair as it grows and keeps your skin hydrated so it doesn’t get dry. It also keeps you smelling fresh. Proraso’s Wood and Spice Beard Oil is another awesome contender to help you through this week or so of discomfort.

You still keen to grow your beard? Check out our follow up post for more products and how to complete the bearded look once you’ve broken through the itch faze!

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