Grooming Expert in Residence: How to Avoid Razor Burn

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Pureman shares expert tips and tricks on how to avoid razor burn and keep your skin feeling and looking great.
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Let’s face it. Getting razor burn is the absolute worst. The itching, the aching. Not to mention the unattractive bumps. As frustrating as it can be, there are ways to become a shave expert and avoid razor burn. Proper preparation and using the right products makes razor burn prevention easy to achieve.

Clean and Exfoliate

Before you get shaving, be sure to give your face (or whatever other body part you’re preparing to shave) a good wash and a gentle exfoliation to slough of the rough and dead skin and create a smooth and soft canvas with which to work. Try something like Penhaligon’s No. 33 Face Cleanser with exfoliant to get you started.

Stay Hydrated

Damp skin will make for a great shave, but be sure to use a quality shave cream for a smooth and gentle glide. Brickell Smooth Brushless Shave Cream is easy to use and made with 99% natural ingredients. Aloe and eucalyptus soothes and refreshes as you shave.

Use a Sharp Blade

Blades that are dull need firmer pressure and can also cause an irregular shave, the result being some bumps and burns on your skin. Be sure to use a blade that is sharp and clean for a smoother, gentler shave. Bluebeards Revenge double edged Scimitar Razor is a fantastic, high quality and beautifully balanced razor.

Press Lightly

Give your face a gentle caress, not harsh pushing and pulling. You don’t need a lot of pressure, your sharp razor, awesome shave cream, and prep will do the work for you. A good glide is all it takes.

Happy shaving!

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