HOW TO: 2018 Resolutions

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Alright Puremen, with 2018 upon us, it’s time to get serious about resolutions. People are generally very pro or anti resolutions. “I don’t make resolutions!” you may say. Or perhaps you have a serious list of to-dos. In general, I’d say this: whether you believe in making resolutions or not, we can all resolve to “do better”. This means making improvements where needed, but also acknowledging where you’re already being successful, and resolving to keep that up.

So, how do you acknowledge where to start making changes? Two things that are simple as pie.

1) Be honest  2) Be realistic

Stop and think about that for a moment. Be honest with yourself about what just flashed into your mind. Was it “I need to make better financial choices this year”? Or “I need to make healthier decisions”? Maybe it’s something more daunting than either of those tasks. Whatever it was, the thing you’re working towards will require a subset of mini realistic tasks that will get you to your ultimate goal. So think globally, then bring it down to those mini tasks. For instance, the financial decisions example. This will involve doing little things like looking at your current situation and accounts, maybe bringing your lunch to work instead of eating out always, making an appointment with an advisor, selling some stuff you’ve had sitting in the garage awhile, etc. etc. Those things don’t seem that hard, right? Ultimately, the little subtasks get you towards your final mission.


All that being said, making changes is definitely not an easy task. Maybe that’s why some of us don’t make “resolutions”. But a Pureman isn’t one to shy away from a challenge! And you know what else a Pureman does? They look good while they’re doing it. Taking the time to make sure you’re looking your sharpest will give you the extra confidence you need to feel like you can really get things going this 2018.

So, if you haven’t already, take a look at how you’re starting your day. How are you going to prepare to tackle your daily goals? Are you rushing through your morning shower? Going through the motions of “shower, shave, pits, teeth, and clothes” in a flurry? Or are you taking your time to do things mindfully? I personally toe the line. But on the mornings when I give myself a bit of extra time to get ready, I can tell you this: it gives me the opportunity to think about the things I have on the go in my mind, in my day, and to feel like things are a bit less urgent.

You Time

Grooming time is truly “me time” – no one else is brushing your teeth, or combing your hair for you. It’s you vs. your mirror. This is your time alone with your thoughts and intentions. So take that time. Mini sub-task: set your alarm for 22 minutes earlier tomorrow morning. Wake up when your alarm goes off. Shuffle to the bathroom, look in the mirror, take a breath, and take your time. Take your time to get the shower to the perfect temperature, and to enjoy it.* Take time to dry yourself with a fresh towel, and to moisturise. Comb and style your hair, groom your facial hair. Brush your teeth for the time that it would take you to sing parts of your favourite song in your head. This time is for you, so that you can feel your best on this day. Ready to tackle the good, the bad, and the ugly of whatever you’re working towards.

2018 is going to be great. It’s your year.

*Shower subtask and lifehack: You know that scene in the Terminator 2 when T1000 rises from the fiery liquid? On days when you really need an extra boost, crouch down on one knee in the shower, let the water run over your back and slowly come to standing pretending you’re him. By the time you come to standing fully upright, you’ll certainly be ready to tackle your 2018 resolutions.

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