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The last few years has seen many popular styles for men’s hair, from the gentleman’s cut (which seems to be on the way out this year, should you care to keep up to date with the hair trends) to multiple varieties of fades. Pureman has taken a look at where hair is headed and the 2018 trends will still have you reaching for your pomade. Short high fades for a more military look or low long fades for an “I don’t care but secretly I do” are popular, keeping medium if not long hair on top. For those who can pull it off, the man bun is still en vogue (Yup. Can’t get rid of it.) and Joe Keery’s long, slicked back style is hitting the red carpet and the big city streets. All this being said, you need the right product to help you pull it off.

Pureman recommends American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade. This awesome hair product made the top of the list for Men’s Health Grooming Awards 2017. This bad boy is a water based pomade so it can easily wash out with shampoo in the shower, but you can touch up with a bit of water as needed throughout the day. And its strong hold is perfect for maintaining those smooth styles 2018 is rolling out.

A quick how-to for those men who are unfamiliar with the professional pomade. You want to layer those locks when they are slightly damp. Dry is ok, but it’s easier to apply evenly on damp hair, in our experience. We mean slightly damp, close to being dry but not there quite yet.  Apply a small dollop (think pea to 5 cent coin size - you can always add more if needed), place it in the palm of your hand and rub those hands together til the goop is even and you’ve warmed it a bit. Then rub it through that man mane from the back to sides and the front. Yup. That’s right. Back first where hair is the most thick, so your hair can absorb more of the pomade. Then complete your look on the sides and top, getting more in hand if needed. Part, muss, slick as you will. Presto. Ready to rock.

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