Guys: Looking to Freshen Up your Self-Care Routine? Start with Some of These Products!

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Many men, and the women in their lives, believe that they could use a little more time dedicated to their self-care and grooming routines. Sometimes getting out of bed, splashing your face with water, and putting a hat on can do the trick; however, most would agree that some men should be putting a little more work into their physical and mental health through self-care. Small efforts like moisturizing, shaving, and styling your hair can go a long way in improving your well-being and raising your self-confidence.

There are ample ways to improve your self-care and grooming routines through attainable, affordable products that only take seconds to minutes to implement. Read about the benefits of some of these products and, if you haven’t already, get yourself to the store and start revamping your morning routine!

Treatments for hair loss

Scientists determined by the age of 35, hair loss or thinning will have affected approximately two-thirds of men. By the age of 50, you definitely won’t be alone, since about 85% of men will have seen hair loss due to male pattern baldness and/or the effects of aging. Clearly, hair loss is so common that there is nothing to be self-conscious or embarrassed about.

However, if hair loss is happening a little sooner than you anticipated and you want to thicken your hair, there are several different treatments for hair loss for you to consider. Talk to a doctor who can prescribe a daily hair loss medication that treats balding at the crown and middle of your scalp. Alternatively, you can try a topical solution that is applied right at the roots. Remember that thinning hair is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you’d like to slow down the process while you can, talk to a medical professional and incorporate one of these medications into your self-care routine to boost your hair growth and your self-confidence.

Hair styling gel

The whole point of a self-care routine is to keep yourself looking good and feeling good; a strong sense of style can go a long way in making that happen. A hairstyle is one part of your look that can make or break your confidence when you’re out and about. However, those of us who aren’t lucky enough to call ourselves morning people oftentimes don’t dedicate a lot of time to our hairstyle in the morning and take that extra time to sleep.

This is your opportunity to put more time toward your hairstyle. Find a style that you’re comfortable with and learn how to execute it on your own. A popular hair gel, mousse, or cream can make for a bold and sophisticated look that will last throughout the whole day. Whether you’re going to work, the grocery store or nowhere at all, a little styling for your hair might be the one small thing you’re missing. Pairing the right hairstyle with the right product and outfit will play a huge part in creating a stronger, more sophisticated vibe.

Beard Oils

A beard is another statement piece that can be a secret weapon when it comes to style. You should put the same amount of effort into your beard as you put into the hair on your head, whether or not your beard is ultra-short or down to your chest. Aside from keeping it combed and sanitary, it is essential that you keep it looking shiny and healthy.

Beard oils can not only keep your beard styled and held in place, but they can keep your beard and the skin underneath healthy. The essential oils can add moisture to dry skin beneath, reducing the likeliness of itching or flaking. A beard product containing peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender oils is particularly good for the maintenance and cleanliness of your beard while also creating a sweet, natural aroma that leaves you smelling good all day. Taking only minutes to apply, you can easily work beard oils into your grooming routine each day to enhance your style and overall mood.


Contrary to what you may think, moisturizing isn’t any less important to a man’s self-care routine than it is to a woman’s self-care routine. Applying moisturizers to either men’s or women’s skin can be extremely beneficial and there are many products in almost every retail location that offer similar and necessary skin-enhancing qualities.

Moisturizing can not only reduce the discomfort and irritation that comes with dry skin, but it can also make tired-out skin look younger. By evening out skin tone and reducing the likeliness of breakouts, moisturizers can make skin look brighter and healthier, which can lead to a more youthful appearance. Luckily, there are thousands of different products to choose from that offer similar benefits, even some that are made specifically to target the chemicals in men’s tougher skin. Similar to the products already discussed, moisturizing can be quickly squeezed into any routine, preferably done promptly after washing your face for the best protection for your skin.


Most guys would agree that shaving is a huge part of their morning routine, and irritation or itchiness after you shave or trim your beard is quite the familiar feeling. Everything from a bad razor to a lack of post-shave care can create a lot of discomfort. Utilizing aftershave can prevent some of these reactions and offer a lot of additional perks for your skin.

Aftershave is commonly known for its pleasing smell, but its benefits go far beyond that. Implementing this product after shaving can clean out and repair any cuts or delicate areas of newly shaved skin. It can also protect sensitive, painful pores that have been impacted by a tight shave from being further irritated. Once applied, most aftershaves will soothe and calm the skin, creating an overall feeling of relief and freshness. Take a few moments out of your grooming routine and work in some aftershave when and if you notice any discomfort shortly after shaving.

Eye Creams

Whether or not looking younger is at the top of your list of priorities, anti-aging products can offer many benefits to the parts of your face that are prone to the effects of aging– specifically under the eyes. Anti-aging eye creams keep you looking more energized and presentable, and help you feel ready to take on the day.

Comparable to moisturizers, eye creams have a lot of the same anti-aging capabilities. After washing your face with the appropriate face wash for your skin type, apply this product under the eyes to fight some of the common symptoms of stress and aging like dark circles, fine lines, and crow’s feet. Doing so will tighten the skin underneath the eyes, and improve any discoloration elicited from fatigue. It’s also helpful to know that using this in the morning can give life to tired eyes while applying at night, on the other hand, can prevent the appearance of these symptoms in the morning.

Sun protectant

The sun has become a dangerous factor for our skin and in turn, our well-being. The sun’s UV rays can pose a serious threat to our skin by putting it at risk for certain skin cancers. In fact, over a million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year, illustrating how prevalent this health issue is all around us and how desperately we need to shield ourselves from the sun’s rays. So, having a product that will protect your skin from the sun is crucial to your health. Fortunately, not only can you easily work sunscreen into your every day, but you can also purchase products like moisturizers that contain sun-protectant components.

Any product with SPF can combat the sun: a sunscreen in lotion form, a sun-protectant face moisturizer, or even an SPF lip balm. Keep in mind that getting a reputable sun-screening product that has a high SPF, like Neutrogena’s SPF 100 sunscreen, can protect you for a longer period of time. Be sure to limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible, but when exposure cannot be avoided, carry around a travel sized SPF lotion or spray to shield your skin. Carry some sun protection handy wherever you go to not only avoid sunburn but to keep your skin healthy and keep you feeling strong.

Maybe you’ve already been taking advantage of some of these products. Maybe you’ve never even heard of them, or maybe you’ve been hearing about them and have wanted to try them for some time now. There is no need to wait any longer! It’s time for all men to prioritize their own physical and mental health through acts of self-care. Not only can you work these products into your day-to-day, but you can encourage your own loved ones to freshen up their skincare, self-care, and grooming routines. Remember to always put yourself first with a few more minutes each day, and you’ll begin to see your style improve and your spirits rise. Whether you’re going to work, going to the gym, or nowhere at all, it’s important that you feel good about yourself and the way that you look. Self-care will help you achieve strong mental health and emit confidence in all that you do.

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